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We are riders, on a failed mission.

Psybadek is a platform hoverboard video game for the PlayStation console. It was designed and released by Psygnosis on November 17, 1998. The game was sponsored by shoe company Vans.


The evil Krakken has appeared and causes a rampage at the local hoverdek park where some "dekkers" — Xako, Mia and their friends — practice their skills. Using his powers, Krakken kidnaps the "dek kids" and magically transforms them into his minions all to make the place his new home. Now it is up to Xako and Mia to save their friends and stop Krakken's evil, sending him back to where he came from.

Why It Sucks

  1. Poor and annoying sound-effects, especially the second level with the obnoxious screaking penguins and the sounds of the fat lady when your game is over.
  2. Dreadful controls making it difficult to enter levels, difficult to line up shots to attack enemies such as the first boss, difficult to line up your jumps correctly, and difficult to collect items such as stars.
  3. Jumping is awkward, making platforming difficult.
  4. Unfair or poorly programmed AI.
  5. The stunt system is bad, you have to hold a button until you reach a certain mark then release the button.
  6. Massive difficulty spike in the second level. In the second level you are required to shoot 60 penguins on a time limit. The first wave starts off with the penguins on the circular platform, the second wave some penguins start flying in hot-air balloons blocking you from hitting the penguins that you need to hit, and the third wave has the hot-air balloons and some penguins flying towards you hitting you and causing damage.
  7. The other mission levels are also terrible, the mission where you have to put green cows in a pen on a time limit is frustrating because you can't lead them in the pen properly, in fact it is easier to let them go in than to lead them in yourself.
  8. No music in the levels.


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