Project 1942 Kickstarter campaign controversy

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One of the few released screenshots.

Project 1942 (placeholder name) is an upcoming tactical First Person Shooter game based on World War II. The game is being created by a small indie developer team, who is working on it on their spare time. The game promises to be immersive and atmospheric, have over 10 levels and a 12 hours game length with many ways to complete a mission, and even a custom mission generator.

This description should not be so unusual for an indie historic FPS, but you are playing as the Nazi soldiers, and judging by the official description, the game will offer an alternate timeline in which Nazi Germany may actually win the conflict. The game also will portray the Nazi Germany as an oppressed country.

Not necessarily a propaganda game, it was noted by minor gaming websites due to the controversial concept linkable with Holocaust denial. The team claimed that their intention was to just give the gamer community a project "that our player demographic has long wanted in an industry saturated with pretentious hipster games and unmemorable bland AAAs". The last post on the Patreon for Project 1942 was in 11/24/2017, with no backers at the time; it is unknown if Project 1942 is still in development currently.