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ProSoccer 2190

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ProSoccer 2190
ProSoccer 2190.jpg
"Imagine Speedball, written by idiots."
— Stuart Ashen
Genre(s): Sports
Platform(s): Amiga
Atari ST
Release: 1990
Developer(s): Video Vulture Productions
Publisher(s): Vulture Publishing
Country: United Kingdom

ProSoccer 2190 was a 1990 football/soccer game released for the Amiga and Atari ST, developed by Video Vulture Productions and published by Vulture Publishing.

Why It Sucks Soccer Balls

  1. The game is a poorman's version of Speedball, except played in a side-scrolling view instead of a top-down view.
  2. Navigating through the main menu is slow and tedious, and much like the Atari ST version of Karting Grand Prix, it may take a very long time to start the game.
  3. The "futuristic" aesthetics look more retro than futuristic. The football players look like rejects from Tron.
    • False advertising: The game's cover depicts American football-styled players, which don't look anything like the football players in-game.
  4. The gameplay is appalling, for various reasons:
    1. The soccer part is pretty slow, playing more like a ZX81 game than a 16-bit computer game. Furthermore, despite taking place in the future, it doesn't employ any futuristic gimmicks to stand out from regular soccer.
    2. The quarter length can only be changed between 15 minutes, 5 minutes, 1 minute and 20 seconds, meaning the whole game can clock in anywhere from less than 2 minutes to over an hour.
    3. The ball will just bounce around whereever it wants, regardless of how hard it is kicked.
    4. The framerate is very low, clocking in at single digits. The controls as a result are very poor and unresponsive.
    5. If a goal is scored at any point, it'll force a very slow "instant replay". While it may look cool in many superior sports games, here, it just drags the action down, no thanks to the low framerate.
  5. The "coach mode", where you have to coach a team, is incredibly boring.
  6. The animation is very jerky and stiff, as the football players don't run after the ball, but rather slowly walk towards it.


ProSoccer 2190 was eviscerated by the gaming magazines, being considered one of the worst football/soccer games ever made. ST Format rated the game at 12%, as did the German magazine Power Play, while Amiga Joker rated the game at 4%. It is the lowest-rated game in ST Format, with the magazine stating: "A game like this would embarrass a Spectrum owner.". It was also later voted as the worst Atari ST game in their 25th issue. The game has a rating of 1.21 on Lemon Amiga and is ranked as #1 on Lemon Amiga's worst games list.


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