Predator: Soon the Hunt Will Begin (NES)

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Predator: Soon the Hunt Will Begin
What happened to the Predator?
Genre: Action
Platforms: Nintendo Entertainment System
Release Date: 1987
Developer: Klon
Publisher: JP: Pack-In-Video
NA/AU: Activision
Franchise: Predator

Predator: Soon The Hunt Will Begin for the Nintendo Entertainment System was one of several video game tie-ins for the original Predator film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.


The game has the same premise as the movie: Alan "Dutch" Schaefer and his team of mercenaries are hired by the US government to rescue hostages in the Republic of Val Verde. After completing the said mission, they are hunted down one by one by the titular Predator until only Dutch remains.

Why It Sucks

  1. Full of bugs and glitches.
  2. Dutch's sprite is completely pink, including his outfit.
  3. Especially when your attack is punching, the controls feel like Wayne's World SNES standards: you can't punch while crouching, and you can accidentally jump up to a higher platform without ever being able to jump straight down off of them.
  4. The enemies other than the guerilla soldiers and Predators are so random and nondescript in design it's impossible to tell what the hell they're supposed to be.
  5. A suicide button (press A or B while the game is paused) was programmed into the game to make up for how buggy and badly designed the game is.
  6. Even some enemies can get stuck due to faulty programming.
  7. Grenades are used to remove obstacles in your path. However, they can also destroy the ground creating a pit to fall in. Grenades are also difficult to use as they can fall off an obstacle or soar past it and their explosions are so small that getting past breakable walls as early as the beginning of the first stage is almost impossible.
  8. Extremely poor grasp of the source material, including fighting more than one Predator and the final boss being a giant Predator head.
  9. The Predators are very easy to defeat. There are areas Dutch can move to that Predators don't follow so they will never hurt you.
  10. Unneeded levels with a different gameplay style called Big Mode that feel like a completely different game, where Dutch moves automatically shooting bubbles for power-ups and fighting another Predator, who throws 4 flying miniature Predator heads at you. Worse still, while in this mode you can't pause the game. The graphics in these levels are quite poor also.
  11. You have unlimited continues but the game defaults to the "Start" option every time you get sent to the title screen, meaning that every time you get a game over you must remember to always press Select on the title screen to select the "Continue" option (as you can't use the D-Pad) or you can easily start the whole game from the beginning again by accident.
  12. You can't play as the Predator. This was common because a lot of video game titles had or included the main antagonist's name.
  13. Typos, the game cartridge is called "Predator" and the title says it is called "Predator: Soon The Hunt Will Begin" (the true title of the game), which is highly confusing when you're trying to see the title.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The soundtrack is excellent. the music not only both well composed and instrumented, also the first stage music has a meme status on Brazil.
  2. Besides the bonus levels, the graphics in the rest of the game are quite decent and very colorful.





one month ago
Score 1
Love the musics of this crappy game.


6 days ago
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"Why do they put him in pink!?" -AVGN


4 days ago
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"Congratulations. You have survived."


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