Pop'n Music (Wii)

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Pop'n Music (Wii)
The only (real) Pop'n Music game to be released in the US and they've ruined it!
Genre: Rhythm
Platforms: Nintendo Wii
Release Date: JP: August 6, 2009
NA: November 10, 2009
EU: February 2, 2010
Developer: Konami
Publisher: Konami
Franchise: Pop'n Music

Pop'n Music is a rhythm game released for the Nintendo Wii. The franchise was never released outside Japan, but Konami had a couple of attempts to localize the series. Their first one was to make a game similar to Pop'n Music called Beat'n Groovy which received negative reviews. Their second (and final) attempt was to make a complete reboot the the original Japanese franchise, and they failed badly.

Why It Sucks

  1. The gameplay is nothing like the original franchise.
    • In the original series the game uses 9 buttons that you had to press to hit the notes but in this it use motion controls that you have swing the Wiimote Down (↓), Left (←) or Right (→) to hit the notes.
  2. The designs for the character are bad. They're a fusion between the original designs and a Mii.
    • Also in the US version Poet's halo was removed because of religious references.
  3. Most of the songs are licenses with only 10 songs being originals.
  4. Micro-transactions: There's DLC in the game to download more Konami original songs.
    • You can't download the DLC anymore due to the Wii Shop Channel's closure.
  5. Small song list: There's only 40 songs, while the original games have a lot more of them.
  6. Almost no replay value whatsoever.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The songs are very nice to listen to.
  2. All the songs from the original games are there, even though the rest of them were on DLC.




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