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Pong: The Next Level (Game Boy Color)

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Pong: The Next Level
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There was no love for Pong when this game was made.
Genre(s): Sports
Platform(s): Game Boy Color
Release: December 1999
Developer(s): Morning Star Multimedia
Publisher(s): Hasbro Interactive
Series: Pong

Pong: The Next Level (known as Pong in Europe) is a video game released for the PlayStation, Microsoft Windows and Game Boy Color in 1999. The Game Boy Color version was developed by Morning Star Multimedia and published by Hasbro Interactive. While the PlayStation and Windows versions received mostly positive reviews, the Game Boy Color version received extremely negative reviews.

Why It’s Not Next Level

  1. The Game Boy Color version of the game consists of only four tables, compared to the many tables in the PlayStation and PC versions.
  2. All the tables are also reproduced in a heavily lackluster way, with the only saving grace being Classic Pong.
  3. Terrible, repetitive and monotonous soundtrack. Not to mention the title screen music sounds eerily similar to Michael Jackson's song "Billie Jean"
  4. Horrible sound effects.
  5. The Tournament Mode is basically all the four tables together, with no difference.
  6. The computer AI is extremely dumb: you can simply beat all the tables by knocking the ball in an angle the opponent will be unable to follow.
  7. Lack of two-player mode, forcing players to play against the aforementioned terrible AI.
  8. Though there are three difficulties (Easy, Medium and Hard), all of them are virtually the same, except for slightly changing the speed of the ball.
  9. The ball will sometimes mix with the background.
  10. Terrible and grainy graphics and backgrounds that cause eye strain.
  11. All you get for winning on any of the tables or beating the Tournament Mode is a single "You Win" screen.


IGN gave this version an extremely negative review, giving it a 2.0 (Painful) out of 10 and calling it "a horribly lacking port that was rushed in a month".

The game currently holds a rating of 2.77 on GameFAQs, with a reviewer giving the port a 2/10 and calling it "a game with only four tables and no replay value".


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