Police Chase: Daring High Speed Police Pursuit

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Police Chase: Daring High Speed Police Pursuit
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The only people you should chase are the developers of this game.
Genre: Racing
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
PlayStation 2
Release Date: April 12, 2002
Developer: Davilex (PC and PS2 versions)
Inverse Entertainment (PS1 version)
Publisher: Davilex (EU)
Cosmi Corporation (US)
Franchise: A2 Racer
Previous Game: Europe Racer
Next Game: London Racer II

Police Chase: Daring High Speed Police Pursuit (shortened to Police Chase) (also known as USA Racer or US Racer, as well as A2 Racer Goes USA!) is a racing game developed by Davilex, published by Cosmi Corporation and released in 2002 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation and PlayStation 2, with the Microsoft Windows version being the only version to receive a US release.

Why It Sucks

  1. Possible false advertising: the back of the box advertises photo-realistic tracks, bonuses and power-ups, six unique characters, realistic damage effects and multiple camera angles, while almost none of these things appear.
    • The back of the box also advertises a two-player co-op mode, but it's nowhere to be found in the game.
  2. Only three power-ups are present in the entire game, two of which do the same thing:
    • The blue arrows, which will give you a small speed boost.
    • The wrench, which will restore a small amount of health.
    • The double wrench, which will restore half health.
  3. At the start of a race, your car floats in the air and falls to the ground after the race begins, giving your opponent an unfair advantage.
  4. There is only one police car in a game called "Police Chase"! Not only this, but the police car doesn't do anything when it catches you! This because the police car is programmed like a standard race opponent, whose AI is programmed to reach the end of the race ignoring everything else. During the various races, you will also find some police cars stuck at roadblocks that do nothing, pretty much nullifying the concept of a police chase.
  5. When you crash into something in a police car, it will get stuck for a few seconds. Sometimes, even the traffic will crash into the police.
  6. When you win a race, you will hear the weather band on the radio, which always says that outside the weather is sunny, regardless of the actual weather.
  7. Every time you crash into a tree or a light post, the latter will always fly away while remaining intact, no matter how fragile it is.
  8. Most races are fixed: it's nearly impossible to win a race without using a particular character, making it useless to choose anyone besides that particular character.
  9. As mentioned in WIS #4, the computer opponent is programmed to rush to the end of the race, ignoring everything in its way.
The back of the game's box. It's almost Big Rigs levels of lying!



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