Pokemon Dark Graystone

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Pokemon Dark Graystone
I have no faith in this game.
Genre: Role-Playing Game
Platforms: Game Boy Color
Release Date: April 1, 2014
Developer: Freako
Publisher: Freako

Pokémon Dark Graystone is a joke hack of Pokémon Gold, developed by Freako. Freako used this hack to fool his friends, as AxmanAMV did a 2-part Nuzlocke series on it. Joel of the gaming group Vinesauce also played this hack in a "Pokémon ROM hacks" stream, which was in December 2016.

Why It Intentionally Sucks

NOTE: As previously stated, this ROM hack was made as a joke and is intentionally bad.

  1. The game's text is in broken English. For instance, in the opening sequence, Professor Oak states that he comes from "Palet Town", he misspells "people" as "peple", he will say "do not don't" in the same phrase, and he will close the dialogue by saying "I have no faith in you!!" (as shown in the image).
  2. The items that can be found are randomly programmed. It's possible to find the Master Ball within the first route, along with the Super Rod, which is found inside a berry plant.
  3. Some assets are copied from other Pokémon games and hacks:
    • The town that the protagonist resides in has the tileset from the fan game Pokémon Prism.
    • The first Gym Leader is just a recolor of Falkner, the first Gym Leader in the original game.
    • The protagonist of this hack is actually Bek, the protagonist of the first two Telefang games and their bootleg hacks Pokémon Diamond and Jade.
    • The protagonist's rival is from the first game of the Telefang franchise.
  4. The trainers' teams are so poorly designed, the first gym leader only has a level 9 Moltres. In a good Pokémon game or ROM hack, Legendary Pokémon are typically encountered at high levels in the late-game, not as a Gym Leader's Pokémon. You can't even argue that Moltres is unobtainable in the original Gold version because several Pokémon ROM hacks such as Pokémon Polished Crystal allow you to catch otherwise unobtainable Legendary Pokémon at high levels.
  5. After beating the first gym leader, you are prompted to go back at the starting town, where after a guy is shown the "Strnagestone" and flies away with his Pidgeotto, you'll meet an NPC who claims to be the developer of this "game", and he will say that he's fed up with programming the game, calls everyone "motherfuckers" and then the game will end. In the credits, the developers of the actual game's categories will be replaced with insults.
  6. The game often glitches up, causing the game to repeat the final letter of a line at the edge of the dialogue box or to replace random sprites of NPCs with numbers, due to the inability to correctly load them.

The One Redeeming Quality

  1. It's so bad, it's hilarious.



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