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Due to the wide popularity of the Pokémon franchise, there is a large amount of ROM hacks that exist made by fans to show their love for the franchise, unfortunately, a lot of these ROM hacks are not the best ones out there.

Why Some Of Them Suck

  1. Many of these are poorly made, and some are incredibly messy.
  2. A majority of these ROM hacks are mere reskins of the original games and may offer very little differences to change up the original game other than aesthetic changes.
  3. These ROM hacks also can be pretty unfair at times with some of them being stupidly difficult so early on in the game.
  4. The ROM hacks offer some nonsensical stuff that are completely unnecessary.
  5. Many of the ROM hacks are made by people with little to no programming knowledge, making them have a huge amount of glitches, low-quality graphics, and often remain unsupported.
  6. Some ROM hacks, like Pokémon Snakewood and Pokémon Dark Rising, try to be super edgy and mature, which most of the time comes off being really cringeworthy.
  7. A lot of these ROM hacks are often unfinished.
  8. Some of the ROM hacks can have some very poor grammar to them.
  9. Some ROM hacks have some custom sprites can be laughable as some have sprite work poorly made.

Exceptions/Redeeming Qualities

  1. A good portion of Pokémon ROM hacks are pretty solid and sometimes just as really good as Official Pokémon games. Some examples include Pokémon Vega, Pokémon Fool's Gold, Pokémon Cyan, Pokémon Clover, Pokémon Glazed, Pokémon Gaia, Pokémon Quartz, Pokémon Sweet, Pokémon Crystal Clear, Pokémon Ultra Shiny Gold Sigma, and much more.
  2. Some of the ROM hacks can feature Fakémon and custom sprites, which some of these custom sprites are nicely made.
  3. These Pokémon ROM hacks can have some original stories and great concepts to them.
  4. Some ROM hacks have some decent difficulty to them.
  5. If you wanna have a good challenge, you may enjoy some of the more difficult Rom Hacks.




6 months ago
Score 2
My favourite Pokémon Rom Hack is Pokémon Gaia


2 months ago
Score 0
That's a good one. Mine's a tossup between Pokémon Clover and Pokémon AshGray.


2 months ago
Score 0
I like Crystal Clear.


15 days ago
Score 0
Pokemon ROM hacking guides is flooded on the internet and making the find of general ROM hacking guides---if ever exist---extremely hard.

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