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Pokémon Gold (Famicom)

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Pokémon Gold
Pokémon Gold Version on NES may seem interesting, until you play the game.
Genre(s): Role-playing
Platform(s): Famicom
Developer(s): Mars Production
Publisher(s): Union Bond

Pokémon Gold is an unlicensed port of Pokémon Gold Version, a Game Boy Color game to the Famicom, developed by Mars Production and published by Union Bond at an unknown date.

There are two hacks of this game: Pokémon Crystal and Pokémon Red (not to be confused with the Game Boy/Game Boy Color games of the same name)

Why It Isn't Gold

  1. Horrific music, which is as annoying as the music found in Sonic 3D Blast 5. This music has been widely criticized as some of the worst in any pirate game.
    • In fact, some emulators don't play the music correctly and they run it at a slower rate.
  2. The otherwise good graphics for the map is ruined by the bland and disgusting color palette choices for the map.
  3. Lots of game glitches such as Pokémon appearing in the Pokémon Storage System before you catch any Pokémon, the game randomly freezing, glitches that sometimes corrupt the graphics in the battle mode (causing the HP, PP and moves to disappear), and Pokémon sometimes becoming invisible for no reason.
  4. There are no random encounters, making it impossible to catch new Pokémon, you know, one of the main mechanics of the Pokémon franchise.
    • Actually, you can get new Pokèmon through methods such as people giving them to you or through a scripted encounter.
      • Even with this, the Pokèmon you can catch have no sense, such as level 2 Meganiums that can be found by breaking rocks inside the Burned Tower.
  5. You can find two professors who look exactly like Professor Oak in the same building. Also, Professor Elm in the first town also looks like Professor Oak, so are there three clones of Professor Oak?!
  6. The maps are full of overworld sprites of Blue, who is frozen on the walking animation, despite standing still.
  7. Awkward title screen (A Pichu and a shiny Wooper looking at a Suicune running under the title screen).
  8. Somehow, the screen scrolls way faster than normal when moving vertically in the overworld. On the other hand, the movement speed inside buildings is severely reduced (most likely to meet the NES' technical limitations)


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