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Not to be confused with An awesome 1994 light gun shooter made by Namco with the same name.

Point Blank
AUG & Kriss simulator
Genre: First-person shooter
Platforms: PC
Release Date: KOR: October 2008 (Re-Released 2014)

TU: 2009
TH: 2009
ID: June 2009
US: December 10, 2010
PH: May 5, 2011
UA: November 9, 2011
MY: January 2014
SG: January 2014
Android & IOS : November 2017

Developer: Zepetto
Publisher: KOR: Zepetto Co.

TUR: NfinityGames
UA: NfinityGames
TH: True Online Co. (2009 - 2014), Garena (2014 - present)
ID: Garena
US: Zepetto N.A (2/13/2014 - Present)
BR: OnGame
PH: Garena
IT: Edranetworks
MY: Garena
SGP: Garena
Android & IOS : Nexon

Franchise: Point Blank

Point Blank (also known as Project Blackout and Piercing Blow) is an online tactical first-person shooter developed by Zepetto, a South Korean company.


Point Blank is a fast-paced online first-person shooter, which is very similar in terms of gameplay to Counter-Strike. It also features destructible and dynamic environments, as well as deeper character and skill customisation options.

In Point Blank, players join either the Free Rebels or CT-Force team (the Free Rebels are based on the Terrorists from Counter-Strike, while CT-Force is based on the Counter-Terrorists). Each team attempts to complete their mission objective and/or eliminate the opposing team. Each round starts with the two teams spawning simultaneously, usually at opposite ends of the map from each other.

A player can choose to play as one of four different default character models (Acid and Keen Eyes for CT-Force, and Red Bull and Tarantula for the Free Rebels). There are four purchasable deluxe character models: Fennec and Pit Viper for CT-Force or Cheshire and Shadow for the Free Rebels. Players are generally given a few seconds before the round begins, or before respawning, to change weapons and/or equipment.

Game points and experience are awarded for winning a round, losing a round, killing enemies, and completing mini missions.

Why It Sucks

  1. Despite the game contains various different firearms, only a few guns (mostly reskinned guns) were used by most players due to ridiculous high stats compared to low and mid-level guns, such the Kriss SV, AUG A3, and occasionally OA-93 (which considered to be lesser version of Kriss SV).
  2. The game is basically a pay-to-win, since the publisher released tons of reskinned guns with way much better stats than original guns, and when they announced the new series of gun reskins, they always including the Kriss SV and AUG A3 (also OA-93 that usually included after its addition in 2014) while rarely announces new reskinned counterparts for the other guns.
  3. Extremely awful starter gun (K-1 and K-2) that a one magazine of it deals damage as little as one or two hit(s) from the Desert Eagle. Effectively turning new players into juicy targets for anyone who had better gun than them.
  4. Weird Shotgun Gauge Traces: After shooting with shotguns, a gauge will not spread, but instead travels straight like normal ammunition, making it possible to "snipe" by using a shotgun.
  5. Bland and generic character designs on male characters, while female characters are heavily sexualized.
  6. The game also sells (or renting for some servers) an enchanted variant of characters which had significantly better stats (accuracy, hit points, speed) than standard characters. Making pay-to-win situation much worse.
  7. Outdated graphics, even by 2009 standards.
  8. Helmets and Masks, while claimed to be "an item that can protects you from headshots", are almost pointless since many reskinned guns are powerful enough to kill most players without headshots. And to add insult to injury, it can protect only one headshot in one life.
  9. Plagued with tons of hackers and cheaters who exploit the weak hack-protection system. The most used cheats include the flying cheat (which allows the player to fly), airstrike cheat (which spawned a countless RPGs from the sky and rained all over the map), see-through wall cheat (which allows the player to see through walls), one-hit kill cheat (which allows the player to one-hit kill a player), and worst of all, a cheat that instantly kills every player on the map.
    Note: Only few hackers/cheaters were punished and banned from the game.




21 months ago
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I couldn't find that game on app store. I downloaded an APK file of it and it said it wasn't available on my country. I was formerly a US citizen and I'm currently in Russian Federation. I think they should make it available in some regions.


21 months ago
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i guess this game is a little bit popular in my country.

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