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PocketBike Racer

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PocketBike Racer
This ain't Strip Weathers. Nice try BK.
Genre(s): Racing
Platform(s): Xbox
Xbox 360
Release: November 19, 2006
Engine: BlitzTech
Developer(s): Blitz Games
Publisher(s): King Games

PocketBike Racer is a racing game developed by Blitz Games and published by King Games for the Xbox and Xbox 360. This is one of the three titles sold in Burger King, the other games being Big Bumping' and Sneak King.

Despite the game being released for both the original Xbox and Xbox 360, there is only one version of the game disc, and it can be played on both the Xbox and Xbox 360.

Why It Sucks

  1. Poorly integrated title screen, you can clearly see that they used a live action footage of The King on a model car ride.
  2. Bad and outdated graphics that look like something out of an early PlayStation 2 game, especially when played on the original Xbox.
    • On that topic, awful character models that also look like something out of an early PlayStation 2 game as well too.
  3. The game, along with its gameplay and level designs, is a blatant rip-off of the Mario Kart series.
  4. Awful track designs, where it is very easy to screw up and get completely lost in, in a racing game! The fourth track, Under Construction, is the worst as it is very maze-like with lots of platforms and gaps, making it easy to get lost in.
  5. Confusing title of what this game wants to be, the front of the box art (as you can clearly see) shows that this game will focus on this young woman named Brooke Burke (she's best known as "Rachel" in NFS: Underground 2), and that she will be the main character, but when playing the game itself, it shows that The King (the main mascot of Burger King) is the main character (as shown in #1 pointer, not to be confused with The King (also known as Strip Weathers) from the Disney/Pixar Cars series of the same name). There are also Burger King characters and the levels themselves are based off of Burger King, to show that this game is also based off of Burger King.
  6. Only two gameplay options.
  7. Very limited rosters of characters, with only seven playable characters to pick from.
    • On that topic, some of the roster of characters doesn't even make sense, like, who is XxNiGHTRiDERxX?
  8. All of the characters have the same stats.
  9. You only have one choice of vehicle to choose from, and that is in a form of motorcycles.
  10. You can unlock achievements out of nowhere. Also, the game only has 200 gamer points and 12 achievements to obtain.
  11. Poor controls that are slow, sluggish, and slippery.
  12. Lots of unfair difficulty spikes.
  13. Unfair AI.
  14. Boring power ups.
  15. In order for you to get power ups, you need to drive pass weird checkpoints that are scattered on the track, but due to the after mentioned sloppy controls, it can be hard to do so.
  16. If you get hit by an AI while having power ups, you lose them all, similar to Miracle Space Race / Rascal Racers / XS Airboat Racing / ATV Racers.
  17. Lots of game breaking bugs and glitches.
  18. Spelling errors, such as one of the achievements called "Big Stoppie", although the term "Stoppie" isn't really a typo.
  19. Only five tracks in total.
  20. Despite the game looking short, the tracks are huge and long, and to add salt to the wound, there will be times where you must complete five full laps or more on the huge tracks.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The soundtrack is decent.
  2. Given how the game cost an additional $3.99 with any Burger King Value Meal, that, and the two other games sold during the promotion, were really cheap games compared to all the other games released for the system at the time. Therefore, a few of these points can be justified.


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