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Examples of Flappy Bird rip-offs on the App Store.
Another example of GTA rip-offs on the App Store.
Examples of Minecraft rip-offs on Google Play Store.

Due to lack of quality control on both iOS App Store and Google Play Store, there are countless clones, rip-offs or cash-ins to popular games. Most of them are English, Chinese, Korean, or Arabic.

These types of games have been boomed in 2014, where viral hit games like Flappy Bird and Summoners War hit the scene and pioneered mobile gaming.

Examples of games that usually get cloned

  1. Flappy Bird: After Flappy Bird's developer got accused and threatened from social media, he decided to remove Flappy Bird from both stores. A few weeks later, lots of Flappy Bird clones flooded both the App Store and Play Store, and there's currently 200,000+ of Flappy Bird clones on both App Store and Play Store.
  2. Final Fantasy VI: The mobile version is an ugly-looking clone of Final Fantasy III (SNES), with lots of typos and crashing in a mandatory story battle.
  3. Clash of Clans/Backyard Monsters: Due to its popularity, many developers tried to create many clones based on Clash of Clans to get cash quick.
  4. Travian/Empire: Four Kingdoms: Two clones of this game, Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire and Mobile Strike even had the same "game" advertisement with a different theme.
  5. Grand Theft Auto: These GTA clones spawned after Grand Theft Auto 3 and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City got banned in some countries in Play Store.
  6. Minecraft: Obvious choice, as the game is extremely popular in most regions of the world. It spawned countless "blocky" games, and many of them are rip-offs of another game (such Grand Theft Auto rip-offs with Minecraft-like graphics). It is considered one of the most cloned games of all time.
  7. Kantai Collection: Because Kadokawa Games still block foreign players, there are many shipgirls games released by Chinese developers.
  8. Fate/Grand Order/Brave Frontier: Commonly referred as "gacha games", these are mobile RPGs that usually run on a stamina system where you collect/summon units from 1 star to 6 stars (may vary depending on the game). They are infamous because most of them have abysmally low drop rates for valuable units and are really grindy. It also inspired games like Summoners War and Seven Knights as big examples during the early years and the uprising of gacha gaming in 2014-15. Back then, most of them had 3D chibi graphics as smartphones weren't as powerful back then.
  9. Summoners War
  10. Seven Knights
  11. Baby Hazel series: Despite their crappiness, it spawned tons of crappy edutainment games on mobile.
  12. Yandere Simulator: Despite the game being unfinished, there are tons of rip-offs spawned, and all of them stole the models directly from the original (although the character models were actually edited and stolen from the Unity store without credit). The most popular rip-offs: School Girl Simulator is made by Meromsoft, which contains Reimu Hakurei, Touhou Project's protagonist, with the permission of Team Shanghai Alice (the developer of Touhou franchise).
  13. FarmTown/FarmVille: The infamous yet influential Facebook web-game developed by Zynga has brought a lot of ripoffs based around making your own business by building stuff, waiting and/or pestering your friends for help.
  14. Crusaders Quest.
  15. Clicker Heroes/Tap Titans: Though Cookie Clicker did it first, these two games spawned the tap rip-offs after gaining a lot of success via seemingly infinite grinding.
  16. Candy Crush Saga/Bejeweled: Ironically, Candy Crush Saga, which was accused of being a ripoff of an indie project called CandySwipe by Albert Ransom, has spawned its whole set of rip-offs.
  17. Angry Birds: This game has way too many rip-offs (though, some are decent like Ugly Birds and Cannon Duck).
  18. MapleStory: Starlight Chronicles and DDTank (although more of a Gunbound ripoff) are infamous examples, although the latter just rips off the game by artstyle. These ripoffs tend to either have uncanny artstyles and/or are traced from the original MapleStory art.
  19. Peggle Blast
  20. Kritika
  21. Toy Blast.
  22. Counter-Strike
  23. World of Tanks
  24. World of Warships
  25. Bayonetta. There's a Japanese Kritika-like game which has the same combat as this game.
  26. GungHo's Puzzle and Dragons. (The only two clones that are known to stand out from this game were Legendary: Game of Heroes and Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Every other game based on the app is a ripoff)
  27. Threes/1024/2048: Due to its extremely simple design, this game is extremely easy to recreate and publish as your own product.
  28. Piano Tiles
  29. .io games
  30. Doki Doki Literature Club
  31. Google Chrome's "Internet Disconnected" dinosaur game
  32. Fireboy and Watergirl
  33. Five Night at Freddy's.
  34. Mario: As the most popular franchise with the most games in the series (even more popular than Pokémon), it will obviously get some rip-offs. Android users can get actual Mario games via emulation.
  35. Pokémon: Pokémon has had clones of varying designs, ranging from originally created monsters to design rip-offs from the original game, ranging from Monster Legends to other clones.
  36. Temple Run/Subway Surfers
  37. Flight Simulators: After Infinite Flight and X-Plane 10 were released on the Play Store, many clones like "Extreme Aeroplane Pilot Flight" and "Flywings" were released. Flywings aircraft liveries have misspellings of real airlines like Emirates, LATAM Brasil, and even AirAsia.
  38. Super Smash Bros.
  39. Kirby, The Legend of Zelda, Mega Man, Sonic, Rayman and pretty much every popular game franchise.
  40. Geometry Dash: There are lots of Geometry Dash clones, and some of them are just the same game with simple asset modifying! Some of them aren't even Geometry Dash, just a boring autoscrolling 2D Platfromer.
  41. Banjo Kazooie
  42. Crossy Road
  43. Dragon Ball Z: Often crosses over with other franchises such as Kirby.
  44. Happy Wheels: Because of the game's massive success and because of the fact that the game is on the App Store and previously not on Google Play, there are some clones of it on Google Play. In 2020, Happy Wheels got an official port to Google Play.
  45. Any type of viral hit game usually gets cloned, especially a game of a new genre, some examples are PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Hearthstone (Plants vs. Zombies Heroes is an example of the latter).
  46. Hello Neighbor
  47. Bendy and the Ink Machine
  48. Cuphead
  49. Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning
  50. Metal Slug
  51. Bowmasters
  52. Marvel Comics games
    • Any of the Avengers, like Spider-Man, Iron Man, or Hulk.
  53. Overwatch: after the most popular first-person shooter game, 4399EN made an atrocious clone from the original and Blizzard sued the Chinese clone and seeking damages from 4399EN GAME as well as an apology. Another rip-off from Indonesia is Shellfire, an FPS Overwatch clone by Dunia Games, a developer from Indonesia.
  54. Vehicles: there's a poor rip-off of it called "Wheely".
  55. Need for Speed: Carbon: there's a reverse-engineered port of it on Android called "Race Canyon".
  56. Mortal Kombat
  57. Red Dead Redemption
  58. F1 2016 (Mobile); there are tons of games that use screenshots from the console version of F1 2012 but they really look garbage.
  59. Asphalt
  60. Among Us: Due to its popularity, many developers tried to create many clones based on Among Us to get cash quick.
  61. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout
  62. Evony: Most of these are just because of the highly pay to win nature of the real time strategy war game genre. Evony even made a mobile edition of the original game!
  63. Ace Combat

Why They Suck

  1. Poor graphics, with most of them being just sprite-swap from the original or mostly chibi 3D graphics in general.
  2. They are generally riddled with microtransactions, even on a game that had stolen assets.
  3. Most of them suffer from glitches,
  4. Some of these games may not work or tend to crash a lot.
  5. When it comes to gacha games and online games, most of them don't pass the longevity test and don't last very long, mostly around two to three years before shutting down, and sometimes relaunching (sometimes under a different account) with all of the players' data reset, leading to this practice being hated by the gacha gaming community.
  6. They often start trends on "this did this" and "this did that", where developers inherit new features from previous clones, while some clones copy features from others.
  7. False advertising in some of them, having fake screenshots and app icons to attract audiences.
  8. Tons of ads and microtransactions. Wanna start the game? Watch an ad. Wanna press a button? Watch an ad. Wanna play the game properly? Spend 2-5 bucks to remove the ads.
  9. Ugly models and sounds, especially the plane models in flight simulator ripoffs.
  10. Some games use stock assets, especially from Unity games.
  11. They often times have low-quality English/grammar in some of them (especially in Chinese rip-offs).
  12. Some of the bootleg games steal sprites/graphics/audios from other games, yet they don't get sued. Super Bruno World was the worst example up to date as they steal Mario's voice and the course clear music from Super Mario 64. They even steal TV/web series characters/game characters (e.g. Motu Running Patlu Adventures, Super Tin Tin Adventure, Tom Run and Jerry Jump, and Jeffy The Puppet Run in SML Adventures). Yet they even sold these kinds of games in this store!
  13. They usually have little to no originality/thought in them, and the gameplay is usually a copy and paste.
  14. Most of them are also are harder than the original due to the presence of artificial difficulty.
  15. There's no indication whether or not these apps were official when picking any game in the Play Store, unlike in Apple's own App Store.
  16. They appear in both the App Store and the Play Store a lot more often than bigger high quality apps, though most of them can only be found via searching the deep nodes of the Play Store/App Stores.
  17. They are cash-ins to famous game franchises like Counter-Strike, Need for Speed, Grand Theft Auto, Angry Birds, Minecraft, Flight Simulators and more. Most of the rip-offs have completely different gameplay as opposed to the original games, most commonly a Super Marioesque platformer.
  18. Some games have clickbait, whether it be descriptions, screenshots, or icons.
  19. Disturbingly, although extremely rare, there may be apps that have misleading titles that slip through the App Store's system, with gameplay which is nothing like the screenshots/description at all. (For example, the infamous SkullGirls 2: Deadly Airport was actually a generic broken fighting game with only Street Fighter/Final Fight characters with zero references to Skullgirls at all)
  20. They sometimes contain viruses and poor programming slipped through, even on a non-rooted/jailbroken device ranging from memory leaks to other kinds of phone viruses, though the latter is rare. Sometimes, when you load that one app, when you exit out of it, it doesn't load properly when you click on it for a few seconds, for example.
  21. Some of them have stolen art and models (mainly from DeviantArt) in them. (e.g. some DDLC ripoffs, Cuphead ripoffs, and Mario ripoffs starring SuperMarioLogan's Jeffy steal art from DeviantArt).
  22. They often times have fake reviews to give 5* salutes or even 1* crash complaints. While the latter was common in the early years of gacha-gaming (2014-15), the former is still around, especially with bots.
  23. They often times follow the trend where when it comes to releasing these games is undergoing a soft launch in iOS only, most of the time in SEA countries. Most of the time, the average time until the full global launch ranges to several months or even a year without any proper reasoning. The origin of this trend is unknown and often can result in overhyping of the community before releasing an otherwise disappointing game, while sometimes these games get pulled indefinitely before achieving a full worldwide launch. Examples of games that did this include MLP: Puzzle Party, Peggle Blast, and Platinum's World of Demons.


It should be noted however that an app store/play store clone can also improve from its basis game in terms of gameplay; such as adding new features/changing up gameplay to stand out from its previous game it was inspired from. For example, the game Legendary: Heroes Saga/Game of Heroes was based on GungHo's Puzzle and Dragons, but instead of dragging a piece around, you make multiple swaps within a time limit.


  1. One rip-off, My Little Pony: Puzzle Party, was taken down by a lawsuit by Toy Blast developer Peak Studios.


NOTE: Most of these videos are spoken Russian, so good luck on trying to understand.




12 months ago
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This is why I never download a mobile game to my phone.

Mobile games are trash nowadays.


10 months ago
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The only problem is that I don't have a console or gaming PC.


9 months ago
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ripoff games on mobile stores look weird

La Impostora

9 months ago
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That's why I don't always delete video games, but when I delete, I delete them because of: 1. I don't want my computer to be just a video-game-playing tool.

2. Some of them are unplayable because of bad graphics, rip-offs,...


8 months ago
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There are also auto scrolling 2D platformers that are always THE SAME FUCKING GAME WITH PALLETS SWAPPED TO MAKE IT DIFFERENT!!!


8 months ago
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What has become our species must be abandoned by the mighty mankind....


6 months ago
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Always remember: If you make something yourself, its gonna get cloned by someone, and then cloned by someone, and its a loop.

Dorothy Nightingale

6 months ago
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I remember when I first heard of gacha games in 2015, with games like Crusaders Quest, Brave Frontier, and Summoners War. I didn't know what these games were called back then. I remember seeing a lot of crash complaints in the early years of gacha games, when most of them had chibi-style 3D graphics. Usually, these games have a tenacity to die out really quickly. One gacha game I've played died in only 16 months.


5 months ago
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The piracy being weird until immemorial times.


26 days ago
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KO Mobile Games (KO is a Transformers fan term)

No bias

15 days ago
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If Kancolle it looks like Azur Lane And ShipGirls I guess?


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Apple allows this shit but not emulation apps? Give me a break lol.

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