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In addition to all of the poor quality game rip-offs and shovelware games that have been plaguing the Google Play Store and iOS App Store, there are also countless “game instruction” apps included.

While some of these apps are helpful, others aren't as helpful as they also contain stolen YouTube videos.

Why They Suck

  1. As previously mentioned, these apps often use video tutorials and/or walkthroughs taken from YouTube without the original creators' consent.
  2. There also had "game currency hack tutorial" apps, which are exactly what they sound like.
  3. Some apps are viruses disguised as apps.
  4. They appear EVERYWHERE in both stores.
  5. Some ads will pop up when using the app, such as “Your Phone Is Infected” ones.
  6. Users can easily surf the Internet to find simple tutorials/walkthroughs, rendering these apps pointless.
  7. Most of them aren't original. You will often find a copy-pasted video from YouTube.
  8. Some can just be pictures, one example being an app called "How to make slime".
  9. There have been instances where people have charged money for these kinds of apps. For example, Scratch Maze costs $1.00, and it's just videos.

Exception/ The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Although extremely rare, there are still game instruction apps which are actually helpful.




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