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EWWW” - Swiss001, Top 3 Worst Flight Simulators 2.

Due to the popularity of X-Plane, Infinite Flight and RORTOS simulators, game developers on the Play Store created flight simulator knockoffs, that share similarities to the flight simulators we know.

They spread quickly after X Plane 9 was released on the App Store and Google Play Store. Some of them have good rating scores like Flight Alert and Real Flight Simulator by RORTOS, while the others are just awfully terrible.

Why They Suck

  1. Microtransactions to remove ads.
  2. [Advertisments in Mobile Games|Ads]] pop up when you start, or even when you are playing.
  3. No physical programming; the planes will float on the runway.
  4. Misspellings of real airline companies on liveries: FlyWings had made misspellings of the airline names, such as "Emarites" (Emirates) "Quanta" (Qantas) , "Virgo Atlantic" (Virgin Atlantic) , "Della" (Delta) and even "Lifthansa" (Lufthansa) (possibly done to avoid trademark infringement).
  5. Broken English in some of them, which made it hard for players to know the basics of the game.
  6. Stolen models; almost all of the aircraft are Airbus and overused ATR models.
    • Sometimes, stolen models appear different compared to real aircraft, such as number of engines, positioning of landing gear, etc.
  7. Most of the maps and airports are too small because of the oversized plane models.
  8. Not to mention, many of the Airports featured in these games are extremely unrealistic.
  9. Rarely, some of these games contain malware.
  10. False advertising everywhere!
  11. Game breaking glitches.
  12. Terrible music and UI.
  13. Long loading times.
  14. The physics in these games is absolutely illogical. For example, in most of these games when you pull the throttle to max and immediately lift the yoke, the plane will lift off immediately. However in reality, different planes must reach different maximum speeds to lift off in real life and real flight simulators. In addition, the plane often will fly without stalling no matter what, even if you fly it upside down, ascend very steeply, etc.
  15. Some use an on screen steering wheel, which takes away some realism.


YouTube user Swiss001 created a series of videos reviewing poor, low effort, and usually mobile flight simulators titled "Top 3 Worst Flight Simulators" (some examples shown below). However, he stopped making Top 3 Worst Flight Simulators videos in late 2019.



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