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Pizza Dude

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Pizza Dude
I'm sorry for burning the faces of those people in your minds.
Genre(s): Action
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
Release: December 14, 2005
Developer(s): Team6 Game Studios
Publisher(s): Frogster Interactive
Country: Netherlands

Pizza Dude is an action game developed by Team6 Game Studios and published by Frogster Interactive for Microsoft Windows on June 10, 2005. The game re-utilizes Team6's engine for Manhattan Chase. Most assets were later reused in Motorbike Challenge by Team6, such as the map and the driving system.

Why It Makes You Not Want to Order Pizza

  1. Awful graphics, especially the character models with the ugliest faces in video game history.
  2. In some computers, the game is unreliable and crashes constantly. If you fail to deliver a pizza on time the game crashes after the screen turns white.
  3. The car can push you forward indefinitely as long as you're in front of the car, and you don't die or get knocked off when a car pushes you.
  4. The city is empty and lifeless. There are no actual models of people to be found anywhere in the city except you, a basketball player in an alley, a man inside an apartment, and a priest in a church, which is almost like London Cab Challenge.
    • The city has also been reused in Motorbike Challenge, which was released a year later.
  5. Somehow you can't climb small slopes in the first gear, but you can while going in reverse.
  6. The character animations are really terrible. It is especially visible when you fall, jump, and run.
  7. If you go to a high enough place and you repeatedly press the jump button, you can't fall.
  8. You can randomly find a piece of a wall that you can always crash into, even though it's invisible from one side.
  9. The city is filled to the brim with advertisements for other Team6 games, such as Taxi Racer New York 2 or Manhattan Chase.
  10. Several glitches. You can often go beyond the map, especially if you fall into the river and in the garden of one of the residences.
  11. The box textures are stolen from Half-Life.



The game was universally panned by European critics. Pizza Dude received awards for 2nd place in the worst game of the year by 4Players for 2006 and the worst game of 2006 by PC Powerplay (Germany). The Russian website, Absolute Games ( rated the game 1/100, summarizing "But it’s better not to suffer, press Alt + F4 and throw Pizza Dude to where the rotten pizza usually flies".


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