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Pit-Fighter (SNES)

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PIT-FIGHTER 1990.jpg
"Pit-Fighter was King for a day and it was a fool for a life time."
Kim Justice
Protagonist(s): Ty
Genre(s): Fighting
Platform(s): Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Release: March 1992
Developer(s): Atari Games
Publisher(s): Atari Games
Country: United States

Pit-Fighter is a fighting game developed and published by Atari Games exclusively for arcades, but it later received ports for pretty much every console at the time. It's notable for being the first fighting game to use digitalized sprites.

Why It Sucks

  1. The game gives you only one life and no continues at all. Pit-Fighter in the arcade was already a brutally hard game and a coin eater, and this port is as hard (if not more) than the original, so giving you 1 life is just ridiculous.
  2. The game only has one song during the entire game, which is the one that plays when you fight Angel in the arcade version.
  3. The graphics look beyond hideous, are blurry as hell, have very few colors, and almost resemble a bootleg NES game. This is unacceptable knowing that even the Atari Lynx and Amiga ports look more presentable.
  4. The controls are even more unresponsive than the arcade version, which is saying something. The responsiveness of your attacks tends to vary between a normal attack and the attack you actually want. Because of this, the player will resort to desperate button mashing.
  5. The animations have somehow gotten worse. This is most noticeable when the characters walk; it almost looks like the characters are bouncing around.
  6. The weapons and items that were in the original game were completely removed. This is inexcusable because every other port has them (except the Gameboy version), including the microcomputers.
  7. Much worse is that half of the cast of enemies (Mad Miles, Heavy Metal, and Southside Jim) were removed from this port. This is completely unacceptable considering that every other port of the game (except the Gameboy version) has the entire cast of enemies.
  8. The game makes you fight all opponents twice, except C.C Rider who, like a giant middle finger to the player, you face four times, clearly in an attempt to artificially make the game longer.
  9. The game for some reason doesn't give you a health bar, instead of giving you a number, and no, no other port of the game does this (except the Gameboy version). Why it was chosen to be this way is anybody's guess.
  10. The game limits your use of special moves for no reason. In the arcade version, you were able to use them whenever you felt like it. Worse yet, just like the health, you do not get more uses after a fight.
  11. The game only refills your health every 3 matches (without counting the grudge match), which makes the game even more insane in terms of difficulty.
  12. Due to the game's lack of extra lives and continues, the awful controls and the lack of health refills, the game is exponentially harder than the original.
  13. The interactions with the public had been removed from this version, again for no reason. Now they are just a wall of people.
  14. Other problems from the arcade version are still here, like the overpowered CPU with more health and bigger defenses, and the opponents feeling similar.
  15. The ending has somehow gotten worse than in the original game; now when you beat the Ultimate Warrior it just says "You are the new champion" and cuts immediately to the game over the screen without any credits.
  16. The Game Boy port is based on this version, the only three differences are that is in black and white, way zoomed in, and that it has a bug that is in your favor: simply pick Ty and press and hold select to crouch and mash the kick button, this will make Ty kick much faster and will basically give you the victory with barely any resistance.


AVGN Enraged.jpg "What were they thinking?"
The Shit Scale
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This game/console belongs to the "Severe Zone" category of the AVGN's Shit Scale.

AVGN reviewed the port in the second part of his Wish list episode, and said that it was like cutout photographs fighting each other and that even the VS. mode on the first Double Dragon for the NES was better, he concluded calling Pit-Fighter, the worst SNES game he has ever played.

Kim Justice also featured the SNES version in her analysis of the ports of the game, her sentiments were similar to the ones of the Nerd, with the addition of criticizing the cut content, she went as far as to call the game "The worst Arcade port ever" and "The worst game ever released on the SNES or the entire 16-bit era" and finished calling it "one of the most hilariously incompetent and insulting games ever released by anyone".



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