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Phoenix Games
PhoenixGames logo.png
They rushed their games so fast that they also rushed to their death.
Founded: 2003
Defunct: 2010
Founder: Will Horden
Paul Horden
Steve Share
Headquarters: United Kingdom

Phoenix Games was a British-Dutch video game company, who focused mainly on publishing titles for the Sony PlayStation and PlayStation 2 (although they also released games on PC, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo DS, and Nintendo Wii) and only consisted of six employees.

There's little information about the company, but their more infamous games tried to rip-off various franchises such as the 101 Dalmatians franchise with Dalmatians 2, Dalmatians 3, and Dalmatians 4 (all of which were basically the same game). They did at least have some original games, but even those were poorly done.

Phoenix Games also had a few collaborations with Dingo Pictures and Longsoft Multimedia, in which the animation company's rip-off movies were published on consoles by Phoenix Games after Midas Interactive Entertainment stopped doing it.

Why They And Their Games Sucked

  1. Poor graphics and textures in most of their games.
  2. All titles that were created in collaboration with Dingo Pictures mostly focus on animated films and wouldn't qualify as games. The only playable content in these is a few basic mini-games like a puzzle, many of which are playable without even needing electricity.
    • The animated films have some of the worst animation ever made combined with some of the worst voice acting ever recorded. The quality and sound of these voices would actually make Bubsy's voice and the cheesy acting of the first Resident Evil bearable.
  3. Despite ripping off various franchises, the source material is never used but sometimes exploited. In Dalmatians 3, Cruella De Vil appears on the cover even though she herself never appears anywhere in the game. Same with Snow White and the 7 Clever Boys, where the box art depicts poorly rendered CGI clones of Snow White, the seven Dwarves, and the Evil Queen (in her Hag disguise), yet they don't appear in the game (in fact, the game itself also uses a different animation style than what is depicted).
  4. Not to mention: The box arts are horrible, and poorly made. The most infamous one being the one for Paccie.
  5. One of the “clever boys”: Sonny, in Snow White and the 7 Clever Boys was depicted wearing blackface.
  6. Even their original games are largely uninspired. London Cab Challenge is clearly a rip-off of Crazy Taxi and Shoot is a rip-off of Duke Nukem.
  7. The games were rushed to be made in three to five months while better games required about 18 months to ship out.
  8. Though they have a large library, it mostly consists of fairy tales, sports, and rip-offs of other franchises.
    • Not to mention, some games, such as Paccie, were advertised, but never actually released.
  9. The discs Phoenix has printed their games on were poorly made and got hot easily. Once hot, the disc became warped and will never load again.
    • They also tends to make really loud noises while the console is reading them. Coupled with the stupidly long loading times, it becomes very tiresome.
  10. Dalmatians 3 was not a sequel to Dalmatians 2 but rather a port to the PlayStation 2. This shows that the company either had no idea what a true sequel was or that they are just unbelievably cheap. In fact, the rare Dalmatians 4 for the Nintendo DS and Wii is said to be the exact same game as Dalmatians 2 and 3.
  11. Many of their games have graphical glitches. In London Cab Challenge, for example, the textures glitch out at times.
  12. They stole official artwork from other titles and used it for their own cover art; for example, the cover of Peter Pan uses the artwork of the Destiny Islands from Kingdom Hearts as background.
  13. Similar to Data Design Interactive (another notorious shovel-ware developer), Phoenix Games would often re-skin the same game and release it again under a different title, showing their laziness when it comes to making games.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. They actually had one good game: Hoppie for the PlayStation 2. Unfortunately, it was apparently only released in Italy.
  2. Sometimes the animations can be unintentionally funny, due to how bad they are.
  3. They also published a small number of games that were originally created by Japanese companies. One of these games is Sonic Wings, a surprisingly fun vertical shooter that originally was an arcade game. They even licensed Buttsubushi, a game from the company Selen. It was Selen's only work that wasn't pornographic.
  4. The logo looks nice.

List of video games

Sony PlayStation

  • 5 Star Racing (2003, developer Kung Fu)
  • All Star Action (2003, compilation 12 in 2)
  • All Star Watersports (2003, developer TheyerGFX)
  • Animal Football (2003, developer The Code Monkeys)
  • Atlantis: The Lost Continent (2003, developer The Code Monkeys)
  • Ballerburg (2003, developer Ascaron Entertainment)
  • Baldies (1998, developer Creative Edge Software)
  • Dalmatians 2 (2000, developer The Code Monkeys)
  • Block Buster (2000, developer Tamsoft)
  • Buttsubushi (2001, developer Selen)
  • Checkmate II (1998, developer Altron)
  • Cindy's Caribbean Holiday (2004, developer Ivolgamus UAB)
  • Cindy's Fashion World (2004, developer Ivolgamus UAB)
  • Destructo 2 (2001, developer Axes Art Amuse)
  • Detective Mouse (2003, developer The Code Monkeys)
  • Dinosaurs (2003, developer The Code Monkeys)
  • Flying Squadron (2004, developer Naps Team)
  • Football Madness (2003, developer Naps Team)
  • Herkules (2003, developer The Code Monkeys)
  • Hot Shot (2003, developer Naps Team)
  • Jet Ace (2003, developer Naps Team)
  • King of Bowling 3 (2002, developer DigiCube)
  • Legend Of Mulan (2004, developer The Code Monkeys)
  • Lion and the King 2 (2003, developer The Code Monkeys)
  • Omega Assault (2003, developer Naps Team)
  • Paradise Casino (2002, developer DigiCube)
  • Pro Backgammon (1999, developer Altron)
  • Rhythm Beat (2004, developer Phoenix Games Ltd.)
  • Robin Hood: The Siege (2003, developer Ivolgamus UAB)
  • Robo-Pit 2 (1997, developer Altron)
  • Rox (1998, developer Altron)
  • Shoot (2005, compilation 7 in 1)
  • Silent Iron (2004, developer Naps Team)
  • Sonic Wings Special (1996, developer MBA International)
  • Space Rider (2003, developer Naps Team)
  • Superbike Masters (2004, developer Kung Fu)
  • Toys (2003, developer The Code Monkeys)
  • Trickshot (2003, developer Atomic Planet Entertainment)
  • Truck Rally (2003, developer Naps Team)
  • Wanted (2004, developer Naps Team)
  • Winky the Little Bear (2003, developer The Code Monkeys)

Sony PlayStation 2

  • ¡Que Pasa Neng! (2006, developer Mere Mortals)
  • 21 Card Games (2005, developer Mere Mortals)
  • Air Raid 3 (2006, developer Mere Mortals)
  • Animal Soccer World (2004, developer The Code Monkeys)
  • Arcade Action: 30 Games (2004, developer Mere Mortals)
  • Arcade USA (2005, developer Mere Mortals)
  • Board Games Gallery (10 Games) (2004, developer Mere Mortals)
  • Cartoon Kingdom (2006, developer The Code Monkeys)
  • CaveMan Rock (2007, developer Phoenix Games B.V.)
  • Carwash Tycoon (2006, developer Aqua Pacific)
  • Chemist Tycoon (2006, developer Aqua Pacific)
  • Cinderella (2006, developer Aqua Pacific)
  • City Soccer Challenge (2005, developer Data Design Interactive)
  • Clumsy Shumsy (2006, developer Phoenix Games B.V.)
  • Combat Ace (2006, developer Mere Mortals)
  • Cool Shot (2003, developer DigiCube)
  • Countryside Bears (2004, developer The Code Monkeys)
  • Crabby Adventure (2007, developer Phoenix Games B.V.)
  • Crazy Golf (2004, developer Mere Mortals)
  • D-Unit Drift Racing (2006, developer Mere Mortals)
  • Dalmatians 3 (2003, developer The Code Monkeys)
  • Dead Eye Jim (2007, developer Naps Team)
  • Dinosaur Adventure (2003, developer The Code Monkeys)
  • Doomsday Racers (2005, developer Mere Mortals)
  • Downhill Slalom (2006, developer Mere Mortals)
  • Drag Racer USA (2006, developer Mere Mortals)
  • Dynamite 100 (2006, developer Mere Mortals)
  • Empire of Atlantis (2004, developer The Code Monkeys)
  • European Tennis Pro (2003, developer Magical Company)
  • Extreme Sprint 3010 (2005, developer Mere Mortals)
  • Fruitfall (2005, developer Mere Mortals)
  • Furry Tales (2004, developer Mad Monkey)
  • G-Force (2006, developer Mere Mortals)
  • Games Galaxy 2 (2007, developer Phoenix Games B.V.)
  • Gecko Blaster (2007, developer Phoenix Games B.V.)
  • Girl Zone (2005, developer Mere Mortals)
  • Go Kart Rally (2007, developer Phoenix Games B.V.)
  • Guerrilla Strike (2005, developer Mere Mortals)
  • Habitrail Hamster Ball (2004, developer Data Design Interactive)
  • Hansel & Gretel (2007, developer Aqua Pacific)
  • Homerun (2001, developer Magical Company)
  • Hoppie (2008, developer Phoenix Games B.V.)
  • Iron Chef (2008, developer Phoenix Games B.V.)
  • Jello (2008, developer Phoenix Games B.V.)
  • K.O. King (2006, developer Phoenix Games B.V.)
  • Kiddies Party Pack (2005, developer The Code Monkeys)
  • Kidz Sports Basketball (2004, developer Data Design Interactive)
  • Kidz Sports Ice Hockey (2004, developer Data Design Interactive)
  • Legend of Herkules (2003, developer The Code Monkeys)
  • Legend of Camelot (2007, developer Brain in a Jar)
  • London Cab Challenge (2006, developer Mere Mortals)
  • Mambo (2007, developer Phoenix Games B.V.)
  • Maniac Mole (2005, developer Mere Mortals)
  • Mighty Mulan (2004, developer The Code Monkeys)
  • Monster Eggs (2007, developer Phoenix Games B.V.)
  • Monster Trux Extreme: Arena Edition (2004, developer Data Design Interactive)
  • Moto X Maniac (2007, developer Phoenix Games B.V.)
  • Myth Makers: Orbs of Doom (2003, developer Data Design Interactive)
  • Myth Makers: Super Kart GP (2003, developer Data Design Interactive)
  • Obliterate... (2005, developer Mere Mortals)
  • Ocean Commander (2007, developer Phoenix Games B.V.)
  • Offroad Extreme! (2004, developer Data Design Interactive)
  • Peter Pan (2007, developer Aqua Pacific)
  • Pinocchio (2007, developer Aqua Pacific)
  • Power Volleyball (2007, developer Phoenix Games B.V.)
  • Pro Biker 2 (2007, developer Phoenix Games B.V.)
  • Puzzle Party: 10 Games (2005, developer Mere Mortals)
  • RC Toy Machines (2004, developer Mere Mortals)
  • Retro (2004, developer Aqua Pacific)
  • Road Rage 3 (2001, developer Atlus)
  • Robin Hood: The Siege 2 (2006, developer Mere Mortals)
  • Roller Coaster Funfare (2008, developer Phoenix Games B.V.)
  • Saint & Sinner (2008, developer Phoenix Games B.V.)
  • Search & Destroy (2006, developer Mere Mortals)
  • Shadow of Ganymede (2005, developer Mere Mortals)
  • Skateboard Madness Xtreme Edition (2007, developer Phoenix Games B.V.)
  • Sniper Assault (2006, developer Naps Team)
  • Snow Rider (2006, developer Mere Mortals)
  • Snow White and the 7 Clever Boys (2007, developer Aqua Pacific)
  • Son of the Lion King (2004, developer The Code Monkeys)
  • Space Rebellion (2006, developer Naps Team)
  • Speed Machines III (2006, developer Mere Mortals)
  • Speedboat GP (2006, developer Mere Mortals)
  • Steam Express (2008, developer Phoenix Games B.V.)
  • Street Warrior (2007, developer Phoenix Games B.V.)
  • Superbike GP (2005, developer Mere Mortals)
  • SWAT Siege (2007, developer Naps Team)
  • The Mouse Police (2004, developer The Code Monkeys)
  • The Toys Room (2004, developer The Code Monkeys)
  • Turbo Trucks (2006, developer Mere Mortals)
  • Urban Constructor (2008, developer Phoenix Games B.V.)
  • Vegas Casino 2 (2004, developer Mere Mortals)
  • Wacky Zoo GP (2007, developer Phoenix Games B.V.)
  • White Van Racer (2006, developer Phoenix Games B.V.)
  • WWC: World Wrestling Championship (2007, developer Phoenix Games B.V.)
  • X-treme Quads (2005, developer Mere Mortals)
  • Xtreme Speed (2004, developer Mere Mortals)


  • Candy Pink (2007, compilation 8 in 1)
  • Castle Strike (2004, developer Related Designs)
  • Cindy's Caribbean Holiday (2004, developer Ivolgamus UAB)
  • Cindy's Fashion World (2004, developer Ivolgamus UAB)
  • Crazy Golf (2006, developer Tuna Technologies Ltd.)
  • Doomsday Racers (2006, developer Tuna Technologies Ltd.)
  • Downhill Slalom (2006, developer Tuna Technologies Ltd.)
  • Extreme Sprint 3010 (2006, developer Ivolgamus UAB)
  • Family Games Compendium 2 (2002, compilation 20 in 1)
  • Grand Master (2003, developer Lokasoft)
  • Iron Chef (2006, developer CyberPlanet Interactive Public Co., Ltd.)
  • Luo Chuan Qun Chuan (2020, developer 漂流工作室)
  • Obliterate... (2006, developer Tuna Technologies Ltd.)
  • Paradise Casino (2002, developer Centron Software, Inc.)
  • RC Toy Machines (2006, developer Tuna Technologies Ltd.)
  • Snow Rider (2006, developer Tuna Technologies Ltd.)
  • Space Haste (2002, developer Church of Electronic Entertainment)
  • Stable Masters 2 (2003, developer ESP Software)
  • Trickshot 7 Games (2003, developer Bulldog Interactive)
  • Turbo Trucks (2006, developer Tuna Technologies Ltd.)
  • Wall Breaker (2002, developer Phoenix Games Ltd.)
  • White Van Racer (2007, developer Tuna Technologies Ltd.)
  • X-treme Quads (2006, developer Tuna Technologies Ltd.)
  • Space Ace by Don Bluth (DVD - Xbox and PS2 compatible) (release date unknown)
  • Rhythm Beat (Win2000/XP) (2004)
  • Drone Odyssey
  • Dark Angæl (with Vicarious Visions)
  • Space Rebellion (2006)
  • Twin (Officially licensed by Piper Aircraft Co., ASIN: B0036VDCJ6. Year unknown)

Nintendo DS

  • 12 (2008, developer NorthPole Studio Co., Ltd.)
  • Adventures of Pinocchio (2008, developer Phoenix Games B.V.)
  • Peter Pan's Playground (2008, developer Phoenix Games B.V.)
  • Polar Rampage (2009, developer CyberPlanet Interactive Public Co., Ltd.)
  • Valentines Day (2008, developer NorthPole Studio Co., Ltd.)


  • Dalmatians 4 (24th October 2008) (Lost Media)
  • Peter Pan's Playground (8th May 2009) (Lost Media)
  • Cinderella's Fairy Tale (23rd October 2006) (Lost Media)
  • Hoppie II (Lost Media)
  • Monster Eggs II (Lost Media)
  • Princess Snow White (Lost Media)





6 months ago
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I actually have one of their games. No joke.


6 months ago
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Which game have you?


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2 months ago
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You poor soul, i recommend fucking destroying the game


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6 months ago
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There’s a YouTube user named PolarSarusRex who recently looked up this page when he was on a search for a game called “Paccie”.
That game was never made.


3 months ago
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I once saw one of their PS2 games on a second-hand shop and convinced my dad to buy it, to see how bad it was.

Obviously, he refused.

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