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The designers of this game must have been as lost as one of the Lost Boys.

Peter Pan (not to be confused with the Disney film of the same name) is a "video game" created by the infamous Phoenix Games for the PlayStation 2. The animated film was made by the now-defunct Polish company Longsoft Multimedia, which specialized in developing games and short budget animations.


The plot centers around three young children who go on an adventure with Peter Pan to Neverland when their parents leave to go to the Ball, but when the evil Captain Hook kidnaps Tiger Lily, Peter Pan must rescue Tiger Lily and stop Captain Hook in his tracks.

Why It Sucks

  1. This game is a rip off of the Disney's film Peter Pan, even the movie's plot and some of the character designs are similar to said game.
  2. Much like the previous six installments, this "game" is not really a game, just a compilation collection of mini-games and a movie.
  3. Much like Snow White and the 7 Clever Boys, the box art is very misleading; the box art shows the characters rendered in 3D, but the game (along with its movie) is actually in 2D.
  4. The box art itself looks bad, as the model used for Peter Pan looks like something out of the 3D animated movie, An Elf's Story, the background is stolen from Kingdom Hearts and there is a random bird standing on top of the logo in the front who never appears anywhere in the movie.
  5. Also much like The Dalmatians, the movie itself has AWFUL animation, looking like something out of an early 1980's cartoon (give Snow White and the 7 Clever Boys credit for having passable animation).
  6. The story is very confusing to follow, as EVERYTHING happens at random for no apparent reason and without proper explanation.
  7. Many, many, many, many, many, many, MANY errors are present in this movie.
  8. Bad voice acting; due to the fact that the entire film is voiced by the narrator, all of the characters sound exactly the same. To add insult to injury, when the characters talk to each other, the narrator tries to do multiple voices, making it almost impossible to know which character is talking to who (unlike Dalmatians 3, whereas the voice acting was also bad, but at least the voices were different).
  9. Awful lip-syncing, as the voice actors say things that don't match the way the characters move their lips when they talk.
  10. There are also times where the narrator will either be too slow or too fast in his narration.
  11. Poor sound quality, as in the opening cutscene static can be heard (though it might have been raining).
  12. Much like Scooby-Doo and the Cyber Chase, there are times where the characters will awkwardly pause for no reason.
  13. Sound recycling, the sound used when Peter Pan moves his foot with his shadow on it is the exact same sound used when Gex (the protagonist of the Gex Trilogy) jumps on his tail.
  14. The word "Green" gets reused multiple times.
  15. Weird dialog from some of the characters. One notable example is the line said by Peter Pan when he is describing Captain Hook: "They're left by Captain Hook, who likes settling accounts.". Does that mean he's a stockbroker/banker?
  16. As mentioned above, the background behind the pirate ship is just Destiny Islands ripped straight from Kingdom Hearts.





8 months ago
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This game makes Ninjabread Man and an abysmal Cinderella game look like award-winning masterpieces in comparison.

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