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Perfect Weapon (Known as Body Hazard in Japan) is a 1996 Action-Adventure Beat'Em Up game for the PC and PlayStation published by ASC Games and developed by Grey Matter Interactive of The Crow: City of Angels infamy. The game runs on the same engine as that game, and features gameplay very similar to that game. It was distributed in Europe by Electronic Arts and by Human Entertainment in Japan. As it should come to no surprise, like Grey Matter's other aforementioned game, it has also received overwhelmingly negative reviews.

Why it Sucks

  1. Generic story.
  2. Awful and clunky controls with two styles that have to be changed before and after fighting.
  3. Poor camera that also constantly zooms in and out in certain areas whenever it feels like it.
  4. Very very long load times.
  5. Poor graphics, even by 1996 standards, with Resident Evil style pre-rendered graphics and very blocky 3D models, although the PC version has sharper backgrounds due to higher resolution.
  6. Hit detection is so poor that it is almost non-existent. Most of your attacks phase through enemy AIs as if they are ghosts.
  7. Mediocre, dull and repetitive music.
  8. Lame voice acting.
  9. Has only 5 levels, all of them are long, tedious and annoying.
  10. Only two repetitive enemy types per level: One humanoid and one animal-like creature.
  11. Each of the levels also have certain sections in where enemies respawn endlessly, making things even more frustrating than they really are for the most part.
  12. You can't just rush through the level, complete it and move on to the next, because you have to collect enough of those yellow orbs from enemies that you defeat, with a required percentage needed before you can even do so.
  13. Unsatisfying ending.