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Peppa Pig: The Game

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Peppa Pig: The Game
Peppa Pig The Game (DS).jpg
(Peppa Pig theme) "Peeppa's death" (Stabs the Peppa Pig balloon while Peppa screams in pain)
- Caddicarus, in his review (of the game)
Genre(s): Edutainment
Platform(s): Nintendo DS
Release: Nintendo DS
August 7, 2009
November 27, 2009
Developer(s): Asylum Entertainment
Publisher(s): Pinnacle Software
Country: United Kingdom
Series: Peppa Pig
Successor: Peppa Pig: Fun and Games

Peppa Pig: The Game is a 2009 edutainment game based on the British preschool animated television series Peppa Pig. It was developed by Asylum Entertainment, published by Pinnacle Software, and distributed by Ubisoft.[1] It was released for the Nintendo DS and Wii. It was followed by two sequels, Peppa Pig: Fun and Games and Peppa Pig: Theme Park Fun, which were released in 2010 and 2011 respectively, the latter being a DS only sequel. Another game, My Friend Peppa Pig, was released by Outright Games on October 22, 2021, about a decade since the release of Peppa Pig: Theme Park Fun.

Why It Should Get Bursted

  1. Peppa and the logo she stands on is almost everywhere, the team logos at the start of the game (on the DS version), the title screen, and the file select screen.
  2. The music is really repetitive. To make matters worse, they are the exact same music from the show.
  3. The mini-games' titles are very uncreative and self-explanatory, as they tell you exactly what to do in it. To give you an example, one of the mini-games' titles is literally called "Pancake Flipping". Gee, wonder what that's about?
  4. The graphics on the DS version are pixelated and awful. For example, Polly's perch in the "Talk With Parrot" mini-game looks crude and feels like it was poorly drawn on the Nintendo DS' hardware itself. Also, the colors are so solid-blocked and harsh, and there are no good background objects.
    • The graphics on the Wii version, though not as bad, still look somewhat pixelated and poor quality. In fact, a game released a decade prior, such as this one look better despite being in the fifth generation, and this game being in the seventh generation.
  5. All the voice actors in the DS version, except the narrator, sound horribly compressed, especially Peppa. The most notable example is when she tries to say "Suzy Sheep", but the compression makes it sound amplified. Also, most the stuff she says here sounds nothing like her portrayal in the show, in either version.
  6. All you do in the "Happy Mrs. Chicken" mini-game is tap on Happy Mrs. Chicken to make her lay an egg, and the sound when she lays an egg sounds like a generic fart sound and Peppa says the same thing over and over and over. However, the Wii version plays similarly to the show.
  7. The clothing images in the "Make A Snowman" mini-game are badly cut out.
  8. The "Wash The Car" mini-game is very irritating since the soap takes so long to appear and sometimes, even though you're already getting enough on a spot and washing it off, it will still be there.
  9. Even if you play the game on hard mode, it's still too easy.
  10. Nonexistent background in the "Talk With Parrot" mini-game.
  11. Poor and lazy editing. For example, again with "Talk With Parrot", this mini-game makes zero sense with some of the speech outcomes that come out of it. Not only that, but in the "Daddy Pig is a Red Car" mini-game, there is a slight pause between each line of dialogue.
  12. The car transformations in the car trip mini-game are so terrible, it looks like shapes being stretched out in Microsoft Paint.
  13. The animations in the Wii version are sometimes really laughable, like with Peppa waving on the Wii Banner when you're about to open the game from the Wii Menu.
  14. The "Pancake Flipping" mini-game on the Wii version is quite hard, even on easy mode.
  15. Terrible logic: How the heck does Peppa's house qualify as a kite?

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The narrator does not say obvious things or things characters are about to say or have already said, unlike the show. Instead, he helps the player complete mini-games by giving out instructions where necessary.
  2. Despite the voice acting sounding horribly-compressed, the voice actors sound very similar to the characters from the show (in the Wii version at least, most of the time), with John Sparkles, the narrator's voice actor from the show, even returning for this game.
  3. Despite still being mediocre, the Wii version at least puts the more atrocious DS version to shame.
  4. At least it tries to look somewhat faithful to the source material, unlike other show-based games.
  5. Unlike most games released in this era, at least this game is almost exactly the same on both platforms in terms of gameplay, rather than there being two completely different games released on the DS and Wii respectively that share the same title.



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