Peacekeeper Elite

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Peacekeeper Elite
Tencent, you're better off fixing PUBG than to make this propaganda mess!
Genre: Third-Person Shooter

First-Person Shooter
Battle Royale

Platforms: iOS
Release Date: May 2020
Game Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Developer: Tencent
Publisher: Tencent

Peacekeeper Elite (Chinese: 和平精英; pinyin: Hépíng Jīngyīng), also referred as Game for Peace is a 2020 battle royale game for iOS and Android developed by Tencent and released exclusively in China.


After Tencent closed down PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mobile's Mainland Chinese servers due to the servers' unprofitability caused by the in-game shop (the game's main source of microtransactions) being restricted by anti-gambling laws imposed by the Communist Party of China, Tencent announced the release of Peacekeeper Elite to replace PUBG, which turns out to be a reskin of Bluehole's PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds designed with the People's Liberation Army Air Forces in mind. Due to the Chinese Ministry of Culture (which controls and censor various medias released in mainland China) intolerance towards blood and gore, most of the blood and gore were removed to ESRB E10+ levels. As a result, Peacekeeping Elite ended up as a PUBG clone for younger audiences. It is also possible that Peacekeeper Elite was also developed without the permission of Bluehole, since there is no news from them about the matter.


The game plays exactly similar to PUBG. However, one plays as a member of the Chinese "peacekeeping force" from the PLAAF under a "counter-insurgency" training.

Bad Qualities

  1. It's yet another low-quality Tencent reskin, this time out of Bluehole's PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mobile
  2. It suffers from the same flaws that still impacted PUBG to this day.
  3. Cheesy animations, even for 2020 standards, especially when the players wave at the opponent upon being killed and the airplanes in the lobby.
  4. Forced Chinese nationalistic agendas. The developer even describes the game as one that "pays tribute to the blue sky warriors that guard our country’s airspace".
    • The People's Liberation Army Air Force insignia is displayed on the loading screen to serve as a special thanks.
    • The players' animation of waving upon being killed is described by Chinese netizens as a blatant reference to Tencent CEO Ma Huateng waving at the People's Congress.
  5. The war theme was replaced by a scenario of military exercise. Also, players release a flash of green light instead of blood when they are killed, making the game unintentionally kid-friendly and cheesy.
  6. The graphics and physics are still horrible, even for reskin standards.
  7. The characters, map and main theme have become more generic than PUBG.
  8. The game's logo is plagiarized from PUBG's, using the exact same design and colors.

Good Qualities

  1. The main concept of the game is very good despite having the same flaws as PUBG.
  2. Decent gameplay.
  3. Unlike the international counterparts, there are at least no microtransactions.
  4. It is also free to download, just like the game before it.



Grammar guy

10 days ago
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Well, we can at least thank Commieland for banning loot boxes as gambling.


8 days ago
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Wait isnt china State Capitalist?


6 days ago
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Most of the Chinese authorities are moralist, so they are mainly stand against what they saw "inappropiate" for children. So, it's not that surprising that they deemed lootboxes "inappropiate".

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