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Patriots: A Nation Under Fire

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Patriots: A Nation Under Fire
Patriots A Nation Under Fire box art.jpg
Under fire indeed.
Genre(s): First-person shooter
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
Release: Original release
NA: January 23, 2007
EU: November 2, 2006

Digital release
WW: March 4, 2009
Engine: AMP 1.5
Developer(s): 4D Rulers
Publisher(s): SilverLine Software (retail)
THQ (digital)
Country: United States

Patriots: A Nation Under Fire is a first-person shooter game developed by 4D Rulers and published by SilverLine Software in 2007.

In 2009, THQ published the game via GamersGate.


Major cities of the United States have been attacked by nuclear weapons. Armies of terrorists flock the shores and have taken over most of the country. The player assumes the role of a United States Army National Guard soldier. He is called into the local military base, only to find it overrun by terrorists. From there, the mission is to defeat the terrorist invasion.

Why It Sucks

  1. Poor AI: Allies stay still waiting to be killed and shoot without caring for who or what they're shooting at. The enemies alternate between ambushing and bumrushing you, and staying still waiting for you to kill them. The only exceptions are suicide bombers, who wait for you in hiding and blow themselves up when you come near them, instantly killing you.
  2. Enemies in random positions, for example in showers or bathtubs, where it's extremely easy for them to ambush you and catch you unprepared.
  3. Switching between weapons leaves you only with five bullets (for example, if you collect three M16, you'll have fifteen bullets)
  4. The AK-47 and the M16 are basically the same weapon, just with different skins.
  5. Weapons do little to no damage. You have to point always at the head and use your ammo wisely.
    • In the original release, it was also hard to keep track of how much ammo you had remaining, due to the poorly designed HUD (which required a patch to be fixed).
  6. It's possible to beat the game just with a hammer found at the beginning of the game, because:
    • It's got infinite ammo.
    • It doesn't break with using.
    • It's a one-hit kill.
    • The enemy AI is dumb.
  7. Because of the poor AI, it's very easy to get near enemies and kill them.
  8. Escort missions are very frequent and very frustrating, due to dumb AI.
  9. There isn't a beginning cutscene. Instead, there is an annoying voice explaining the plot.
  10. There are no information about our enemies. The game gradually reduces itself at a simple: "Go there, kill terrorists, escort civilians to safety".
    • On top of that, we aren't given any insight about our enemies. What they're looking for, why are they attacking or where they come from is never explained.
  11. In the third level, you have to save a hostage from a captured hotel. The problem is that the hostage, due to a bug, doesn't follow you, making the level unbeatable. This is because there are no navigation files for the hostage.
  12. The files for the fourth mission were completely missing from the original release. The game had to be patched to include more levels.
  13. The trees in the 2nd level don't stop bullets.
  14. Civilians keep more ammo in their houses than the soldiers.
  15. In the 1st level, you'll be attacked by terrorists and there won't be any efficient defenses.
  16. In the 1st level, the training room is full of soldiers that don't do anything apart from standing still and pointing weapons each other.
  17. False advertising: The game promised advanced AI, powerful 3D graphical engine (while the graphics can be compared to the original Xbox or the Gamecube) and advanced military tactics, when in reality, the game has none of the things advertised.
  18. Unfair difficulty. Ammo is very scarce and it's fairly easy to run out of it shortly into the level due to the broken weapon switch that leaves you only with five bullets for the weapon you chose. The poor AI means that allies and rescued hostages will often fall prey of the enemy, and the weapon selection system is poorly designed, with some weapons almost useless (like rocket launchers and grenades) constantly slowing you down, leaving you easy prey of nearby enemies.
  19. In the houses, you can find two televisions on the same channel transmitting endless credits, but off-sync with each other.
  20. The model of the sniper rifle and the shooting animation for the latter have been copied from Counter-Strike 1.6., and the reload animation for the shotgun is missing several frames.


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