Paris-Dakar Rally

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Paris-Dakar Rally
Paris-Dakar Rally.jpg
You're better off playing WRC games or any better sim-racing game instead of this trash.
Genre: Racing
Platforms: PlayStation 2, Microsoft Windows
Release Date: October 9, 2001
Developer: Broadsword Interactive
Publisher: Acclaim Entertainment
Franchise: Dakar
Previous Game: Dakar '97
Next Game: Dakar 2: The World's Ultimate Rally

Paris-Dakar Rally is a video game for PlayStation 2 and Windows. It is based on the real-life Paris Dakar Rally - one of the world's most difficult and dangerous sporting events. The game begins in rural Paris and ends on a beach in Dakar, Senegal, with 11 stages in between, including tracks in the Sahara Desert and Atlas Mountains.

Why It Sucks

  1. Awful controls and pathetic handling as it feels like handling a boat.
  2. The graphics are very bad. It looks like a PS1/Nintendo 64 game than a PS2 game.
  3. Physics are very awful. The cars will bounce up and will cause you to flip and this causes you to lose races a lot.
  4. The game is extremely difficult to win due to the aforementioned physics.
  5. The locked cars cannot be unlocked until you beat the campaign mode and beating the campaign is as mentioned above extremely difficult unless if you enter #ILUMBERJACK" or "CRUNCHYFROG" as your profile name.
  6. The damage models are cosmetic and the chassis doesn't even deform. even the body panels don't suffer any deformation for even a sim racing game.
  7. If you crash the vehicle, you must repair in case of a 4x4 or a buggy or reviving the driver if he's very injured in case of a motorbike or a quad bike by pressing the L2 button. However, if your vehicle is badly damaged or the driver is very injured during campaign mode and you don't have any repairs/revives, is instant game over and you're forced to start the campaign all over again!!!.
  8. For a Dakar-based game, the bigger trucks based in the Kamaz, MAN etc: only appear in the intro of the game but it doesn't appear in the actual game.
  9. Only six tracks.


The game received negative reviews, and it has a 36 rating on Metacritic.


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