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Note: Some scenes may be very disturbing and shocking for some people, Viewer discretion is advised.

Video game addiction is a controversial topic, which while it does need addressing, some parents resort to destroy their children's video game consoles as a form of punishment, either for bad behavior or excess video game addiction. While bad behavior indeed needs to be punished, and parents should teach their children to moderate their video gaming time, destroying their video game systems is considered a very inappropriate form of punishment regardless of what kind of behavior in question is being punished.


  1. DaddyOFiveTTSW: in 2017 DaddyOFive made a video that shows Cody's punishment was breaking his Nintendo DS by snapping it and smashing it with a sledgehammer.
    • Another video in 2016 that he made, (before they moved to their new house) that shows DaddyOFive destroys Cody's Xbox One ("Let's play games, Cody! let's play games!") as a prank.
    • And another video in 2016, he destroyed Jake's iPhone for not doing any chores. Because of this, It left Jake to destroy his Xbox.
  2. ViralHog: this video was infamous of this, causing the trend of destruction like this.
  3. Lunatic Dad: Owner of the channel Kyle has a father who destroys his electronics. Some for an example:
    • Running over Kyle's PS2 over damaging his Ford Mustang.
    • Destroying Kyle's TV while he was on a PS2 playing Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec with a scythe for having a near D on his first week of school.
    • Throwing Kyle's PS3 games and a copy of Driveclub into a bonfire just over him not joining him on the bonfire.
    • Destroying two PS3s one over Kyle staying home from school for a week (due to the flu) and the other over a bill.
    • Putting a hammer through Kyle's computer monitor for replying to comments to his videos instead of helping his mother.
  4. McJuggerNuggets: Jesse has a father (named Jeff Sr.). Which he destroys his electronics such as a Wii U, Switch, DS, Xbox 360, and even all of his games, etc.
  5. Kurtzie28: The father in one video destroys his son's Wii because of the former's hatred for Nintendo and Sony, even though his son bought it himself and thus owns it unlike the father, who only allows game consoles that are either made by Microsoft or Sega. They also said shut the F- word before breaking the console.
  6. Violette1st: Made the most infamous video where Bill (the father) and Andy tied William to a chair while destroying his Xbox One S by setting it on fire and smashing it with a sledgehammer.
  7. Tre Cosby: in 2019, Tre Cosby made a video that shows his son's punishment was breaking the PS4 and forcing his son to smash it with a rock and a car.
  8. A Obscure Video: A father recorded smashing his son's phone for bringing a knife to school. He didn’t harm anyone!
  9. Trend Spot: Made a video where a mother runs over her son's PS4 with a car.

Why This Sucks

  1. It is a very poor form of parenting, even if the child deserves to be punished for misbehavior. Completely destroying the video game console is too extreme of a punishment.
  2. It is the parent's responsibility to teach their children to control their gaming habits and not become addicted in the first place. Destroying the game console to prevent the addition does not correct that initial bad parenting.
  3. It’s very tasteless and wasteful since consoles are very expensive to make and get. Smashing them is the equivalent of burning money; just giving it away is a smarter decision.
  4. This practice can damage the relationship between the child and the parent in the long run, as it doesn't teach the child to be more responsible and instead might even encourage the child to break the parent's electronics.




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I hate console abuse, especially when people do this.


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  1. StopConsoleAbuse


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I do too. Down with apple and up with linux


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why does this shit keep appearing in my recommendations:


i havent even watched a single video related to fortnite, only minecraft and vyond videos.


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Why the downvotes?


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Honestly with point number 7 all I can say is "Karmas a bitch"


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Your avatar is like the asdfmovie man that sang "It's a lovely day to walk down the road, if I ever stop singing I will explode!"

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