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Parents destroying video game consoles

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Blame it on yourself idiot, because you bought it for them in the first place!

Video game addiction is a controversial topic, and while it does need addressing, some parents resort to destroying their children's video game consoles as a formof punishment, either for bad behavior or excess video game addiction. While bad behavior indeed needs to be punished, and parents should teach their children to moderate their video gaming time, destroying their video game systems is considered a very inappropriate form of punishment regardless of what kind of behavior in question is being punished.


Disclaimer: At least more than half of the videos are faked, but that doesn't eliminate the fact that it is a wrong thing to do and are still poor entertainment.
  1. DaddyOFive: In 2017, DaddyOFive made a YouTube video that showed Cody's punishment was breaking his Nintendo DS by snapping it and smashing it with a sledgehammer.
    • Another video in 2016 that he made, (before they moved to their new house) shows DaddyOFive destroying Cody's Xbox One ("Let's play games, Cody! Let's play games!") as a prank.[1]
    • And in another video in 2016, he destroyed Jake's iPhone for not doing any chores. Because of this, it left Jake to destroy his Xbox.
  2. ViralHog: His video was infamous for this, causing the trend of destructions like this.
  3. Lunatic Dad: The owner of the channel has a father who destroys his electronics:
    1. Running Kyle's PS2 over, damaging his Ford Mustang.
    2. Destroying Kyle's television while he was on a PS2 playing Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec with a scythe for having a near D on his first week of school.
    3. Throwing Kyle's PS3 games and a copy of Driveclub into a bonfire just over him not joining him on the bonfire.
    4. Destroying two PS3s. One over Kyle staying home from school for a week (due to the flu), and the other over a bill.
    5. Putting a hammer through Kyle's computer monitor for replying to comments to his videos instead of helping his mother.
  4. Kurtzie28: His father in one video destroyed his son's Wii because of the father's hatred for Nintendo and Sony, even though his son bought it himself and thus owns it unlike the father, who only allows game consoles that are either made by Microsoft or Sega. The father also said "shut the fuck up" before breaking the console.
  5. Violette1st made the most infamous video where William’s father Bill and his cousin Andy tied William to a chair while destroying his Xbox One S by setting it on fire and smashing it with an axe.
  6. Tre Cosby: In 2019, Tre Cosby made a video that showed his son's punishment, which was him forcing his son to break a PS4 with a rock and a car over his poor grades.
    • Another thing, back in 2015, he made a video where he ran his other son's Xbox over because the son apparently stole candy from his siblings. To make matters worse, his sister kept saying "That was awesome!" in his face and his father shouted profanity at him afterwards as the son drowned into tears.
  7. A Obscure Video: His father recorded smashing his son's phone for bringing a knife to school. He didn’t even harm anyone!
  8. ItsOwen: in 2020, he made a video where his mother runs over his PS5 with a car.
  9. Trend Spot: Made a video where his mother runs over his PS4 with a car.
  10. AngryGrandpa: On multiple occasions:
    1. He destroyed a PS4 in front of Michael for not making cookies at Christmas.
    2. Michael claims Grandpa "broke" the Nintendo Switch, and as a result, he ends up brutally smashing a mug on it, and then bashes it in with a hammer, leading to excessive smoke to produce.
  11. Oh Shiitake Mushrooms: Lee threw Leland's Xbox off the roof.
  12. Random Acts of Pranking & Gaming: They destroyed two of Danny's video game disks after he sprayed a fire extinguisher over him when Kurt pranked him. They put Mentos in his Sprite and destroyed his Wii console with a sledgehammer after Danny destroyed his blue box that had his Wii in it with the same sledgehammer.
  13. McJuggerNuggets made a video where his father cut his Xbox One with a chainsaw in half (seen in picture above) and smashed it with a sledgehammer. However, there are a lot of videos where a video game console gets damaged on this channel.
  14. A video where two Japanese teenagers got their PS3 smashed by their father during their gameplay of Grand Theft Auto V. Also, the father returned to destroy the two teens' PS4 when the teenagers were unboxing and setting it up. They ended up seeking revenge by smashing their fathers motorcycle.
  15. A boy named Jason was forced to destroy his video game consoles because he was failing on school. Jason's father angrily stated that he only has three weeks left, but Jason claimed that his teacher didn't get the grades yet.

Why You Shouldn't Destroy Them

  1. It is a very poor and terrible form of parenting, even if the child deserves to be punished for misbehavior or bad grades. Completely destroying the video game console is too extreme of a punishment.
  2. It is the parent's responsibility to teach their children to control their gaming habits and not become addicted in the first place. Destroying the game console to prevent the addiction does not correct that initial bad parenting.
  3. It is very tasteless and wasteful, since consoles are very costly (especially the ones today) in terms of production and price. Smashing them is the equivalent of burning money; just giving it away, selling it, confiscating it, trusting the child to not use it for a given period of time, using parental controls and time limits, or putting it away until later is a smarter decision.
    • Worse yet is sometimes the parent is even aware that they bought it, let alone at full price and doesn't care because since they bought it, they have the right to destroy it.
  4. This practice can damage, or even destroy the relationship between the child and the parent in the long run, as it doesn't teach the child to be more responsible, and instead make them more resentful and hate their parents, and might even encourage the child to break the parent's electronics in return or even part ways with their parents and do planned ignorance towards them when they grow up.
  5. Destroying electrical equipment is very dangerous, as it can lead to injuries, fires, destruction, death, etc. and some of this has happened in the videos.
  6. It's the parent's fault they got the console and games in the first place and didn't try to stop the video game addiction well enough.
  7. Thanks to them, some of the their children even destroyed their parents' electronics as revenge.
  8. It's overall a waste of money since electronics in general aren't cheap.
  9. If the console doesn't have cloud saves, then all the save data on that console could be lost with no way to recover it.
  10. Sometimes, the parents do it for apparently no reason at all. Which makes no sense.
  11. Besides all of the above, it's also extremely stupid and pointless. If you know that your child can be addicted to video games, then why even buy the console in the first place and waste money?
  12. Some children might get extremely resentful to the point where they attempt to harm their parents for making them watch as their consoles destroyed.
  13. Even people who hate playing video games were disgusted by the method because of WTPS#4.
  14. If a particular console is discontinued, this practice depletes the total supply of these consoles, making them permanently irreplaceable.
  15. Finally, the cameramen themselves are cold, as they only continue recording the consoles being wrecked. Sometimes, the cameramen are even the parents.
  16. To make matters worse, issues like these are always solved privately at home and face to face, but these guys prefer to humiliate their own child on the Internet with these horrendous punishments. Videos like these end up having high dislike ratios and comments criticizing the parents' disgusting actions.
  17. Even worse, they even get off scot-free from destroying their consoles along with their destructive actions, making them Karma Houdinis.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Most of the time, the videos are fake or an act. Sure, it's extremely atrocious to do so, but at least it was only an act.
  2. These videos can be "so bad its good", because they can be unintentionally funny at times.
  3. The kids in the videos are usually more rational and easier to sympathize with.
  4. Sometimes the uploader does not own the video.
  5. The application of WTPS#7 means that WTPS#17 does not apply, meaning the parent does get comeuppance for their actions.



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