Paranautical Activity

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No, it's no horror game, but an FPS. Why did they put in a horror title then?

Paranautical Activity is a 2016 first person shooter video game that was released on the PS Vita, Xbox One, PS4, PC and Wii U, and later on Nintendo Switch on June 2018.

Why it Sucks

  1. Confusing title: despite the name implying that it's a horror game, it's actually a generic first-person shooter game.
  2. Poor level design. A room will always be a square shaped containing enemies in there. Not only that, but when you enter the rooms, the game will ALWAYS go to a loading screen.
  3. Mediocre weapons. They even give you this alien minigun that looks and sounds pretty cool. However, using the minigun on any type of enemy in the game will only cause a small amount of damage.
  4. Poor creation of enemies in the game.
  5. The PS Vita version of the game has a somewhat low framerate.
  6. The classes, achievements and unlocks in the game aren't really worth it. The classes (called "characters" in the game for reasons) start out with different stats and weapons, But they'll still need to unlock some classes by doing stuff that the game requires them to do. The achievements in the unlocks are not worth it other than for novelty.
  7. Steals the "Blocky" style of Minecraft. Were they too lazy to make their own style of the game?
  8. Despite the fact that DLC for the game was released on Steam, there is no DLC for the console versions.
  9. The enemies and bosses design are bland and boring. The final boss of the game turns out be..... a little girl. Yes, a little girl!
  10. The bosses are too hard, and there is even a final boss which spawns all of your past bosses. Now you can only have so much patience with this little girl mentioned earlier as she spawns bosses which you've beaten already, causing you to retire the game to your library of digital games.
  11. The parts of the enemy named "Tenchi" stole the Nazi Gernamy insignia.
  12. The game, at its early access stage, had a rather buggy release. A new edition of the game was later released, but with none of the bugs fixed.


Paranautical Activity was panned by critics, with the game getting a 48% score on Metacritic.


Valve pulled the game from Steam after its lead developer, Mike Maulbeck, threatened to kill Gabe Newell.