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Painkiller: Resurrection

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Painkiller: Resurrection
This is just the beginning of the nightmare.
Genre(s): FPS
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
Release: October 27, 2009 (North America)

November 6, 2009 (Europe) February 25, 2010 (Australia)

Developer(s): HomeGrown Games
Publisher(s): DreamCatcher Interactive (North America)

JoWooD Entertainment (Europe & Australia)

Series: Painkiller
Predecessor: Painkiller: Overdose
Successor: Painkiller: Redemption

Painkiller: Resurrection is a fourth game in the Painkiller game series, developed by German developer company HomegrownGames and published by DreamCatcher Interactive in North America and by JoWooD Entertainment in Europe and Australia. The story is about a new character - William "Bill" Sherman, a killer-for-hire who ends up in Purgatory after getting blown up in attempt to (unsuccesfully) stop the bus full of innocent people from driving near the car full of mobsters, on which he planted the pack of C4.

Why It Sucks

  1. The game's characters are technically carbon copies of original Painkiller's characters (William being a copy of Daniel, even wearing the same black coat. Elyahim being a copy of Eva. Astaroth being a copy of Alastor. And Ramiel being a copy of Samael).
  2. Uninteresting and in some moments even dumb story.
  3. Forgettable and disposable soundtrack.
  4. Awful voice acting.
  5. The graphics haven't improved even a little bit.
  6. There is a critical amount of bugs and other technical problems, many of which can result in cheap deaths or even make it problematic to play the game overall. E.g: There is a bridge in Gloomy Mountains level which is so unstable that it is an achievement to pass it without problems; Spawn system, AI and physics of enemies are broken; Save files can get corrupted; FPS (Frames Per Second) constantly drops; Multiplayer is really flawed and unstable too (the game can crash, even if you just kill an enemy player).
  7. It has only 6 levels, which is even less levels than in Battle Out Of Hell.
  8. Unlike the previous games (including Overdose), levels are very generic, very badly designed, really confusing and it takes a lot of time for them to load. What makes it even worse, is that most of them are uneccessarily large and open, contradicting with Painkiller's style of gameplay and being confusing even more. Besides all that, developers threw in absolutely random enemies, instead of adding monsters which fit the locations.
  9. There is only two new weapons (originally there was only one, but the second one was added in the patch) and one of them, Mr. Molotov, has a design flaw, since it's secondary fire is supposed to shoot molotovs, but it actually shoots small gas tanks. Also, the gun that can shoot molotovs? Seriously? This is not Serious Sam.
  10. The only new enemies are poorly made brown golem-like creatures, and even then, they use the same sounds, attacks and animations as Demon-type enemies from previous games. Even bosses were made with no effort at all. They are just slightly changed regular enemies (one is the huge version of the Beast, and the other is the small version of Panzer Spider) and final bosses are just reskins of Alastor (Astaroth) and Demon (Ramiel), plus they can be killed pretty easily.
  11. The difficulty is noticeably unbalanced. There is also many situations when you will be running out of ammo for certain weapons. Yes, a meat-grinder type FPS game has problems with ammo.
  12. Due to bugs, bad design and unbalanced difficulty it is nearly impossible to unlock most of the black tarot cards.
  13. During combat William constantly repeats stupid phrases such as "Pain" and "This. Is. Madness", which can get annoying pretty quickly.
  14. Its worth noting that the game's developer, HomeGrown Games, is not a really experienced studio, and before working on Painkiller: Resurrection, the only game they have made is a really terrible FPS Creator shooter Robert D. Anderson and the Legacy of Cthulhu. What was JoWooD thinking when they gave the development of the game in their hands!? During the development HomeGrown also promised a lot of good and variable content, but didn't deliver any of it. According to them, the blame is on JoWooD for rushing the game's development instead of giving enough time, however, its quite doubtful that even with enough given time the result would had been much better.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The cutscenes are made in the style of comic-slides. While the idea is copied from Max Payne, these cutscenes are actually not that bad.



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