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Pac-Man World 3 (Nintendo DS)

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Pac-Man World 3
Pac-Man World 3 Nintendo DS.jpg
This is not your world at all. Don't eat it.
Protagonist(s): Pac-Man
Genre(s): Platform
Platform(s): Nintendo DS
Release: December 7, 2005
Developer(s): Human Soft
Publisher(s): Namco
Country: Hungary
Series: Pac-Man
Predecessor: Pac-Man World 2
Successor: Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures

Pac-Man World 3 is a platform video game co-developed by Namco Hometec and Blitz Games, and published by Namco to celebrate Pac-Man's 25th anniversary for the PlayStation 2, Microsoft Windows, Xbox, Nintendo GameCube and PlayStation Portable, and Nintendo DS.

This page covers the terrible Nintendo DS version, which was developed by Hungarian developer Human Soft.

Why It’s Not your World

  1. The biggest flaw in this port is that there is an excessive amount of bugs and glitches, making it the most broken version of Pac-Man World 3.
  2. Like the GBA versions of Pac-Man World and World 2, there aren't any FMV cutscenes due to the DS limited hardware, so the cutscenes are basically static images with text, and they are hot garbage. Even the Toru Iwatani interview uses static images, instead of FMV!
  3. Some of the cutscenes, aside from the main one which appears in the beginning and end, were eliminated. This was probably to speed up time to complete the game and have it released.
  4. You have to use the Touch Screen to do a Rev-Roll. The problem with it is that the screen doesn't react well to your fingers, so if you don't have your stylus, the Rev-Roll is pretty much useless.
  5. All of the versions of Pac-Man World 3 have a poor camera, and the DS version is no exception for having the worst camera. Because if the player was busy fighting, the camera wouldn't show where exactly the enemy who is preparing to attack is.
  6. The DS version's graphics are super ugly, and it looks like the pictures came from a really watered-down Nintendo 64 game.
  7. If any critic had given positive reviews to the game, a Game Boy Advance version would have been released, which would have been even worse.
  8. The levels also rifled with invisible barriers and you won't even know that these barriers are here.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. There are some extra levels and environments that were only in the Nintendo DS version that weren't in the other ports.


The DS version received mixed to negative reviews on its release. The game holds a score of 44/100 ("Generally unfavorable reviews") on Metacritic[1], and received a 4/10 by IGN[2]. NintendoWorldReport gave a 5.5/10. The game was criticized for its level designs, an erratic camera, useless collectibles, and too many gizmos, while 14 lengthy levels, a "VR Maze Mode", and "cool" platforming elements were praised.


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