Pac-Man World (Game Boy Advance)

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Pac-Man World (Game Boy Advance)
No more lives, gotta get some!
Genre: Platforming
Platforms: Game Boy Advance
Release Date: 2004
Developer: Full Fat
Publisher: Namco
Destination Software
Franchise: Pac-Man
Next Game: Pac-Man World 2 (Game Boy Advance)

Pac-Man World was released in 1999 by Namco on the PlayStation to celebrate Pac-Man's 20th birthday, but five years later in 2004, Destination Software published a watered-down GBA port developed by Full Fat.

Why It Sucks

  1. The port of the game only has 12 levels, compared to the 23 levels in the original PlayStation version.
  2. Most of the boss fights have been removed due to most of the levels from the original being removed in this port, the only boss fight that remains in this port is the final boss (Toc-Man) fight.
  3. Poor and grainy graphics, even by GBA standards.
  4. Both Maze Mode and Classic Mode are also removed.
  5. No FMV cutscenes due to the limitations of the GBA, so all the cutscenes are pretty much static images with some text, and it looks like hot garbage.
  6. Junior Pac-Man appears in the intro, yet he cannot be rescued, as all the factory levels have all been removed, and you rescue him there in the PS1 version.
  7. Each world only has one tune, which is the music from the first level from each world, and it is very low quality.
  8. All the hub worlds are gone in this port.
  9. All you get for beating the game is a picture of Pac-Man's family and text saying "'number'% Complete", as there is no FMV cutscenes, so no outtakes if you collect all the "PACMAN" letters, making collecting them useless.
  10. The whole game can be beaten very quickly due to the decrease in levels in this port.
  11. What's worse, they watered down Pac-Man World 2 on GBA




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I had Play this GBA port of Pacman world before which was horrible.

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