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Pac-Man Arrangement (2005)

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Pac-Man Arrangement CS Ver.
Pac-Man Arrangement (2005).PNG
This isn't a "version" if it's not faithful to the well-received arcade game.
Protagonist(s): Pac-Man
Genre(s): Maze
Platform(s): PlayStation Portable
Xbox 360
PlayStation 3
Microsoft Windows
PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Nintendo Switch
Release: PlayStation Portable
JP: February 24. 2005
US: August 23, 2005
EU: December 9, 2005

Xbox 360
US: November 4, 2008
EU: May 15, 2009
AU: May 21, 2009
JP: November 5, 2009

WW: 2009
PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows
US: February 25, 2014
EU: February 26, 2014
JP: June 25, 2014

PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows (Pac-Man Museum +)
JP: May 26, 2022
WW: May 27, 2022
Discontinuation: iOS: 2018
Xbox 360: July 20, 2020 (Pac-Man Museum)
Developer(s): Namco (PSP)
Namco Bandai Games (2008-2014)
Bandai Namco Entertainment (Pac-Man Museum +)
Publisher(s): Namco (PSP)
Namco Bandai Games (2008-2014)
Bandai Namco Entertainment (Pac-Man Museum +)
Country: Japan
Series: Pac-Man

Pac-Man Arrangement, also known as Pac-Man Remix and Pac-Man Arrangement CS Ver., is a maze game developed and published by Namco. It was released in 2005 for the PlayStation Portable as part of Namco Museum Battle Collection, 2008 for the Xbox 360 as part of Namco Museum Virtual Arcade and on iOS as a standalone app, 2014 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Microsoft Windows as part of Pac-Man Museum, and 2022 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch as part of Pac-Man Museum +. In 2006, Pac-Man Arrangement + was released as part of the Japanese version of Namco Museum Vol. 2. It was delisted from iOS in 2018, and the original Pac-Man Museum was delisted everywhere on July 20, 2020.

Bad Qualities

  1. False advertising: Pac-Man Museum + dubbed the game CS Ver. (console version) suggesting it's a version of the 1996 arcade game, yet it's nothing like the latter.
  2. The main antagonist Kinzo, isn't present in this game, so the ghosts don't retain their abilities from the 1996 game.
  3. The soundtrack, although catchy, is not faithful to that of the arcade game.
  4. Pac-Man Arrangement + contradicts itself as the maps based around Ms. Pac-Man, Dig Dug II, Mappy, and The Tower of Druaga, are reskins of already-existing maps, more or less.
  5. The bosses are generic as they are just Pac-Man eating power pellets to dissolve giant ghosts and eat the clones one by one.
  6. Ms. Pac-Man had to be cut from rereleases due to license issues with General Computer Corporation and AtGames. Instead of picking up a replacement like the green Pac-Man seen in the 1996 game, the multiplayer mode was entirely discarded.

Good Qualities

  1. The game still plays like any Pac-Man games.
  2. As mentioned in BQ #3, the soundtrack is catchy, and funny.
  3. At-least Toy Box World is present and a giant mecha remains in the final stage like the 1996 game.
  4. The graphics and motion are hilarious.


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