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PUSS! Official Title.jpg
"Finally, another game that involves anti shitpost..."
Genre: Action, Indie, Avoid-'Em-Up
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Nintendo Switch
Release Date: August 2, 2018
Developer: teamCOIL
Publisher: teamCOIL

PUSS! is an indie avoid-'em-up developed and published by teamCOIL as their debut title. It was released as a Steam exclusive on August 2, 2018.


(The plot you’re going to read is the normal path of the game. It’s not important to follow the worlds in order since they give you the same outcomes)

The protagonist, who is a house cat named Puss, is alone in his house one day when someone sends a distress message onto a CRT TV in the living room. Puss investigates and gets transported into the game's world as a program. As he explores the world and solves the puzzles, he encounters a satanic cult who worships Cerberus. The cult then attempts to sacrifice him to Cerberus but it fails after Puss successfully defeats him using POW blocks to become massive and slash him to death with his claws.

In the aftermath of the Cerberus battle, a moustached cat spirit appears and reveals to Puss that the cult has been trapping innocent spirits in Hell (aka the program that the protagonist is stuck in) and that the spirits have been waiting for millennia to be freed until now. He also reveals that the real world is in danger, as the Big Moon has risen and awakened Baphomet. This gives Puss (and the player) motivation to complete all the puzzles in order to save the souls and defeat Baphomet.

Afterward, Puss proceeds to complete puzzles in Counterworld before encountering a sentient slot machine named the Super Red Hot Jackpot Lucky 777, managed by 2 fallen angels. They attempt to kill him using the aligned fruits on the slot machine, but he manages to kill them and destroy the slot machine for good using the POW Blocks to become massive and electrocute them.

In the aftermath of the slot machine battle, Jesus Christ (yes, THE Jesus Christ) appears and apologises to Puss for what happened before giving him one of the keys to the souls' prison and joining the moustached cat as Puss's new allies. He also grants Puss a bubble shield made of 3 doves that can be used once per level.

Puss then enters Outerworld and navigates through it before encountering The Mothership, a monstrous being with a pyramid for a head, plant spores, and bird wings, who steals the second key shortly thereafter. She and her minions corner Puss and are about to kill him when a celestial pegasus named Chronicorn appears out of nowhere and saves him before engaging in a battle with them. After successfully defeating them, Chronicorn gives the key to Puss and joins him as his third ally.

Puss then enters and navigates through Underworld before entering a prestigious nightclub exclusively for shrimps. The bouncer on duty attempts to cover up the real truth about the souls with lies (without any success) before letting Puss steal the key. Unfortunately, doing so immediately attracts the attention of the Sea Mistress, a giant disembodied shrimp head who serves as the nightclub's owner. After fleeing from her and successfully defeating her with several Bullet Bills, a talking dolphin named Ric da Fish appears and saves Puss as the Sea Mistress explodes and continues chasing them before dying for good. Ric joins Puss as his fourth ally soon after and allows him to ride the former at the end of boss fights as breaks to replenish lost lives.

Puss then enters and navigates through Overworld before encountering Icarus, who was enslaved by a sentient version of Michelangelo's David statue, who calls himself The Best Creation, and forced to hold up a massive rock spire containing the key. After successfully defeating David with a series of really hard slaps to his face, Icarus frees himself and gives Puss the key before joining him as his fifth ally.

Puss then enters and navigates Innerworld before re-encountering the same cult, who now had awakened a monstrous four-armed, three-eyed cat being known as The Priestess. After successfully defeating her by tricking her to hit the retractable spikes, The Priestess reveals her true form: a beautiful snow-white cat called Princess who'd then give the final key to Puss before denouncing the cult and joining him as his final and only female ally.

The allies unlock the prison and grant Puss access into it. Once inside, the cult and Baphomet, who is a hermaphroditic goat, corner him and start attacking him in all directions. Thankfully, all of Puss's allies come in and support him in all directions, with Chronicorn giving him time slowers.

After the cultists are killed, Icarus fuses himself, Puss and the allies onto Jesus, turning him into Giant Mecha Neko-Jesus. Together, they successfully defeat Baphomet.

Puss later wakes up on a vet's operating table as the vet checks on him to see if he is okay.

Why It Sucks

  1. The game is ONE MASSIVE EPILEPSY FUEL!! Just the opening cutscene alone can cause seizures just by looking at it!
  2. Adding on to WIS #1, a lot of cheap deaths happen as all the avoidable obstacles and projectiles are hard to see with the seizure-inducing backgrounds.
  3. Whenever you die, a glitch can sometimes occur which prevents you from grabbing Puss and dragging him out of projectiles and obstacles. This is rampant in boss fights.
    • Thankfully, this glitch has been patched out in the game's latest update.
  4. Almost all of the boss fights are nothing but projectile dodging and left mouse button-mashing.
  5. The game can be completed in 2.5 hours if you can dodge the obstacles and projectiles.
  6. Even with its short length, the game is still unfairly difficult as the seizure-inducing graphics make it tough to see obstacles and the boss fights are almost all Undertale-hard bullet hells.
  7. A very generic name for a video game and a video game protagonist.
  8. Some things in the game make no sense and its story is full of holes, such as:
    • How did Puss leave his Giant Mecha Neko-Jesus form and escape from Hell?
    • What is the cult's intention to use the captured souls for?
    • Did the souls escape after Baphomet's defeat?
    • How is Puss able to breathe since the shrimp nightclub is actually underwater?
    • Why are Puss's owners still using a CRT TV if the game is set in modern times?
    • How and why did The Best Creation capture Icarus?
    • How and why did Icarus become an angel?
    • How and why can POW Blocks make Puss huge enough to defeat Cerberus and the Super Red Hot Jackpot Lucky 777?
    • How is it possible for Bullet Bills to travel underwater really fast without any resistance?
    • How did the cult capture Princess and turn her into The Priestess?
    • What are the mustached cat, Ric da Fish, and Chronicorn's backstories?
  9. The game rips off a lot of assets from other games, such as Space Invaders and Super Mario Bros., making it an asset flip.
  10. The opening and ending cutscene use FMV while most of the objects and pictures used in the game are nothing but real photos ripped off from Google Images.
  11. All the characters are voiced by one man and he never changed his voice for all of them.
  12. Even though the Giant Mecha Neko-Jesus sequence features a double lance, it was never used during the boss fight with Baphomet. Instead, the underpowered plasma blasters were used instead.
  13. By the way, why is Cerberus a chihuahua and Baphomet a hermaphrodite?
  14. The game can also be offensive to devout Christians as it features Jesus Christ and Baphomet.
  15. A lot of deliberately created glitches to throw the players off.
  16. You lose a life everytime you die and if you lose your lives, you have to start all over again from the very first level of the world that you died in.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. At least the game explicitly warns you of the seizure-inducing backgrounds once you load up the game.
  2. This game is meant to be a throwback to deliberately hard games like The Scary Maze Game.
  3. Defeating the Sea Mistress will grant you a minigame that can be played after defeating bosses, where you control Ric da Fish and help him collect hearts for Puss to use in later stages.
  4. You can customize Puss to whatever style you want, including making him look like a zombie and Anger from Inside Out.
  5. The game has procedurally-generated levels that make the gameplay unique every time.




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This is one of my least favourite games of all time.


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Speaking of WIS #11, King Of The Limbo did hella influence on them :D

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