PS5 Simulator

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PS5 Simulator
Protagonist: You
Genre: Simulation
Platforms: PC
Game Engine: Unreal Engine
Developer: Alex Grade
Publisher: Alex Grade
Made in: Germany

PS5 Simulator is a a video game that simulates you unboxing a virtual PlayStation 5, made by Alex Grade released in November 2020 on

Why It Intentionally Sucks

  1. The character you control in this game uses a weird text-to-speech voice called Brian.
  2. Also, the game is filled with poor grammar, like in for example "Finally my new PS5 has come! Kids at grandmaso I can play all night."
  3. There's also misspelled words, like "PLYA some gaems".
  4. When you open your door to get your PS5, all you see outside is just plain grass, and nothing more.
  5. Incredibly silly physics. Cords can go through everything, everything explodes, you can pick up anything regardless of their weight, nothing breaks, even your TV when they fall, nothing burns at all...
  6. When you boot on your PS5, it doesn't show up the PS5 startup sequence, instead you get the original PS1's startup, then you get the PS4's log-in screen.
  7. Unnecessary "NO INTERNET" message when you log into your PS5 profile.
  8. Other stuff that don't make sense, like the Dualsense controller fully charging instantly.
  9. The game disc you have to insert to your PS5 is Knack III, which isn't even actually on the PS5 to begin with.
  10. Also, the cover art of that game has Mario on it. Mario has never appeared on PlayStation consoles, at all!!
  11. The game already ends when you boot it up. In other words, you can't even play it.
  12. We mean it when we said "you can't even play it", because at the end of the game, you say that you guess you are going to start it again. But the game fades into a black background before you even start it again!

Redeeming Qualities

  1. It's still incredibly funny due to the bad physics.
  2. Good graphics.




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