PS2 Freaks Ninja Gamepad

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It just freaks out so bad that it's bad.

The PS2 Freaks Ninja Gamepad is a third-party controller made by Philips (who also made the infamous CD-I) for the PlayStation 2. All the models were supposedly themed after Kabuki and Ninja Warriors.

Why It Sucks

Note: There are actually a few different controller models, but they all have the same problems.

  1. The controllers all look very ugly and visually unappealing.
  2. The handles of the controller have features that stick out and dig into your hands. The rest of the controller also has grooves and bumps that just make it uncomfortable.
  3. The control sticks are too close together and have designs that make them slippery, so your thumbs keep slipping off when you‘re playing.
  4. The D-Pad isn't on a flat surface and because the surrounding area is embossed, it either never goes down all the way or goes down too hard and gets stuck.
  5. The buttons use Chinese calligraphy instead of the traditional symbols, which is confusing. Also, the shoulder buttons are oddly placed. All the buttons tend to stick, as well.
  6. The light-up eyes are actually the start and select buttons. Unfortunately, their placement is too deep, making it extremely hard to press them.


YouTuber Shane Luis of Rerez reviewed it as the worst controller ever made and recommended everyone to stay away from it if they want a controller that works as a controller. He also said it's the only controller he owns that he wants to throw out.