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The POP Station is a PSP rip-off that plays LCD games. Since its release, many other rip-off consoles made by the same company that made it had nearly the same hardware and games. These were: the Neo Double Games (DS rip-off), the PCP Station (POP Station's successor) and the Mini Polystation 3 (the third model of the Polystation series and the only one which is not a Famiclone).

Wow, I cannot believe it is not a PSP!

Why It Flopped

  1. Its quality was very poor.
  2. The games were old LCD Tiger Electronics Handheld-esque games, because of its simplicity.
  3. The controllers were very unresponsive and broken.
  4. Some of the buttons did not even function.
  5. The screen is so broken that you cannot understand what's going on in the "games" that it has.
  6. Of the four games that it has, only one comes with the system.
  7. False advertising: On the box it said it had "color display", but the only color was that of the colors created by the lights.
  8. The instructions were written in broken English and are impossible to understand.
  9. Its "value pack" included a very fragile handstrap and outdated headphones.
  10. The sound effects were horrible.
  11. The graphics were extremely poor.
  12. It's pretty much always the same games every time. For example, Street Overlord, a cheap copy of Street Fighter.
  13. There's even a version of it as well titled Laden vs USA, where the goal is to either fly planes into the World Trade Center or defend them from the attacks, which is incredibly disrespectful towards 9/11 victims.


Stuart Ashen of Ashens reviewed the console back in 2006 and it gained notoriety afterwards. He criticized it for its bad graphics and its quality. He even created a series called POP Station Saga, where he reviews more bootlegs and knockoffs, such as the Mini Polystation 3 and the PCP Station.





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When you see "color display" on any box, think about 1970s. This will save your money and time.

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