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PC Gamer
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This site is run by a Politically Correct Gamer, get it?
Type of site: Video game magazine
Language: English
Date of launch: November 1993 (UK)
June 1994 (US)
Status: Active

PC Gamer is a video game news magazine and website focused on PC gaming. The magazine was founded in 1993 in the United Kingdom and an American version was created in 1994. PC Gamer is owned by Future plc with its subsidiary Future US handling the American branch. Both branches contribute to the PC Gamer website.

Why They Suck

  1. They consider the term "PC "Master" Race", coined by Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw, to be a literal Nazi reference. As a result, Yahtzee called them out on it, saying that they used a screenshot without his permisssion in a editorial on the Escapist.
  2. There is also language-policing as well (especially on their site), as they do not like being criticized and called out for misconduct.
  3. Major lack of disclosure.
  4. Tyler Wilde had been in a long-standing and public relationship with Anne-Marie Lewis, a former Future America staff member and current employee of Ubisoft, during which he had written several articles praising Ubisoft games. PC Gamer eventually addressed the issue, accepting their fault, removing Wilde from coverage of Ubisoft titles, and stating other employees are "obliged" to disclose personal relationships that could interfere with their work.
  5. Highly-misguided with GamerGate, describing them as "obnoxious" and harassment towards women.
  6. Shortly after Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime's speech at BlizzCon 2014 chastising people "doing really awful things and making some people's lives miserable," PC Gamer writer Tyler Wilde - along with many other gaming bloggers - interpreted the speech as directly addressing GamerGate activists, despite never using the word "GamerGate". This article, in particular, leads with a misleading headline that is elaborated upon in the article as Morhaime addressing "the behavior most associated with it" instead of GamerGate as a whole.
  7. They supported Jenifer Hepler's idea of having an option to skip gameplay and boss fights, even though that is the whole point of playing video games.
  8. They chose to ignore corruption.
  9. They defended the GameJournoPros group as well.
  10. After the dismissal of the writer Jessica Price from MMO developer ArenaNet on July 5, 2018, one particular article by Andy Chalk in PC Gamer quoted Price in its headline as calling her firing an "active solicitation of harassment". After representations from Matthew Hopkins News, PC Gamer parent company Future PLC have conducted an investigation and now their lawyer has clarified that, "For the avoidance of doubt, Future does not allege that [Arena Net CEO] Mr O’Brien is guilty of the criminal offence of harassment."
  11. They once promoted Jiggly’s Funhouse, an infamous Team Fortress 2 server known for forcing donations, scamming players, and having a pedophile owner.
  12. They run smear campaigns on people who are against their SJW agenda, such as Jeremy Hambly.
  13. One writer (James Davenport) cheated his way to the end of Seikro to the point this became a massive backlash against the site and many angry gamers boycotting them. This also became a worldwide internet meme thanks to a copypasta by Twitter user Fetusberry.
  14. They are very implicity racist against white people as seen in one article mocking the main protagonist of Fallen Order.
  15. They attacked Mordau's developers for ironically giving players suggestions to combat toxicity by simply turning off the mic.
  16. If you use an AdBlocker on their official website, it will automatically show you a picture of a man in a tub with his feet out.
  17. They bashed Borderlands 3's sense of humor for being outdated, because of their puritan ideology.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. They once gave out demo discs if you subscribed to their magazine.






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