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PCP Station

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The EcstasyBox 420 and the Weed U definitely have some competition here.

The PCP Station (the console, not the drug!) is a PSP rip-off and the successor console to the infamous POP Station. It uses similar technology to its predecessor and it also has a "value pack". It also comes in two colours, silver and black, and red and black. It also has similar of the features of its predecessor.

Why It Flopped

  1. Very bad quality of the console.
  2. The games were just old and outdated LCD games, but far worse than the POP Station.
  3. Poor sound effects.
  4. Most of the buttons do not function.
  5. The name was horrible, since the console was named after a deadly drug.
  6. The "colour display" that it had was the one that was made by the backlight.
  7. The sprites of the characters were just black.
  8. The background is just a picture, similar to Tiger Electronics handhelds.
  9. The "value pack" only had outdated headphones and a "game handle" that did not exist at all.
  10. The instructions were translated from Chinese to English with the early version of Google Translate, making them impossible to read.
  11. In order to change the game, you had to remove the screen and add another one that came with the system. It used a button to eject the game, and sometimes the games popped out violently.
  12. The screen was broken, making difficult to understand what was going on in the games.
  13. It only came with five games: Thunderbolt Airplane (Afterburner clone), Super Mary (Game and Watch clone), Street Overlord (the same Street Fighter rip-off found in other consoles, where people throw their arms at each other), Nonsuch Fly Racing (racing game) and Chanticleer Hegemony. (Similar gameplay to Street Overlord, but if the title is taken literally, it means that the game might be about roosters and their politics)


Stuart Ashen of Ashens reviewed the PCP Station back in 2010. Like with many consoles related to the POP Station, he criticized it for its bad quality.

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