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Overkill's The Walking Dead

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Overkill's The Walking Dead
Overkill's The Walking Dead.jpg
Just another average zombie shooter.
Genre(s): First-person shooter
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
Release: November 6, 2018
Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Developer(s): Overkill Software
Publisher(s): Starbreeze Publishing
Country: Sweden
Series: The Walking Dead

Overkill's The Walking Dead is a co-op first-person shooter game developed by Overkill Software. The Microsoft Windows version was published by Starbreeze Publishing in November 2018. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One ports were planned to be published by 505 Games and set to be released in February 2019 but were permanently cancelled. It serves as a sidequel to The Walking Dead and features six new playable characters to the franchise.

Why It Sucks

  1. Near-non-existent storyline.
  2. Cheap graphics.
  3. The game never gives proper motivation as to why the protagonists are doing what they are doing.
  4. You'll also get to battle against an enemy faction known as "The Family", with no reason other than to survive.
  5. Framerate drops are frequent in the game.
  6. No in-game voice chat, only an in-game text chat, but even that is useless as you'll be so busy fighting zombies that you don't have time to stay still and type out your messages.
  7. No player bots at all, meaning you can't play the game by yourself. You can, however, try to play on your own by launching a private match, but it's a bad idea since you will most likely fail as the missions are not designed for one person.
  8. Glitches are rampant in the game.
  9. Painfully long loading times.
  10. You'll frequently get time-outs due to the long loading times.
  11. The guns feel rather stiff.
  12. While the skill tree system is good, it is poorly explained and the tutorial doesn't teach players how to properly use it.
  13. The game can get repetitive at times.
  14. Some missions have difficulty spikes that can become pull-your-hair-out irritating at times. Most notably the Hell Or High Water mission, which is really hard to complete due to really unfair human AI.
  15. Human enemies are badly programmed. They are really overpowered bullet-sponges with incredibly accurate aim and the ability to see you even if you are hiding, especially considering the glitch that allows them to shoot through walls and objects. They even require more than one headshot to be killed, even if you are using Grant's rifle (though funnily and oddly enough, Grant's rifle can kill them with one shot in the body)!
  16. The survivor management system's interface is terrible and difficult to navigate.
  17. Very lazy design of locations and models, especially in the case with walkers, who have pretty abysmal model variety. Also, in the cutscenes and CGI trailers, they have a seemingly better variety than in the game itself.
  18. One of the characters, Heather, gets killed off completely at some point of the game's story, making her unusable. This means that everything invested in her vanishes, which also goes for the exclusive pre-order and deluxe edition skins.
  19. Due to how lacking and technically flawed the game is, it can be considered really overpriced.
  20. It is also important to note, that game had a somewhat troubled development cycle which lasted since 2014 and went through a lot of changes in terms of concepts and engine. What exactly was Overkill doing all those years with the game that got it released to such lacking gameplay and polish?
  21. Although a date for the console ports were finalized and announced, it was recently revealed in a blog post by Starbreeze that the company had indefinitely postponed the console ports with an extremely vague announcement, until it was finally cancelled along with the support for the game.
  22. After its cancellation, the game was permanently delisted from all online game stores.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. All the missions are replayable.
  2. The game can fit lots of living zombies in at once without framerate drops or freezes.
  3. A satisfying gore and dismemberment system for the zombies.
  4. The game faithfully recreates the dread and tension that the franchise is known for.
  5. Once you successfully finish a mission, your team's camp's morale will boost up and make the survivors happy.
  6. A creative and simple skill tree for all the protagonists.
  7. Your camp even has its own skill tree and you can use it to improve your camp and its surviving residents, something that is rare in zombie games.



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