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Oriental Hero

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Oriental Hero
Oriental Hero.jpg
"Will you keep the bloody noise down?! I'm trying to sleep in here!"
Genre(s): Beat'em Up
Platform(s): ZX Spectrum
Release: 1987
Developer(s): Tron Software
Publisher(s): Firebird
Country: Sweden
Series: Ninja Master
Predecessor: Ninja Master

Oriental Hero is a scrolling action game released for the ZX Spectrum in 1987, developed by Tron Software and published by Firebird. It was a sequel to Ninja Master.


The ninja from Ninja Master goes to Outer Mongolia to face off against Zerwin the Wizard to take the title of Supreme Oriental Combat Master.

Why It’s Not an Oriental Hero

  1. An overly loud and annoying title theme comparable to a door being knocked very loudly and at incredible speed.
  2. Unfair difficulty, caused by seriously awful hit detection, the game moving too fast and the fact that ALL of the enemies can kill you in one hit.
  3. The enemies are randomized on each playthrough of the levels, and their behavior is completely unpredictable.
  4. Ugly and eye-searingly bad graphics, even by ZX Spectrum standards.
  5. Anti-climactic ending. When you beat Zerwin, the game just flashes a "mission complete" text on the screen and goes back to the title screen.
  6. Despite being a sequel to Ninja Master, there is no indication that this is a sequel to that game.


Oriental Hero received mixed-to-negative reviews. Your Sinclair gave the game a score of 6 out of 10, saying "there's nothing much wrong with it...but it sure lacks imagination". Sinclair User was less kind to the game, giving it a score of 4 out of 10, saying the game is "so fast, that winning starts being a matter of luck". Crash magazine gave Oriental Hero a score of 30%, saying that it has "rubbish gameplay and no lasting appeal".



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