Offer Walls

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Offer Walls
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If you want to get free currency, you are forced to do these offers.
Genre: Offer Providers
Platforms: iOS
Microsoft Windows
Publisher: Various

Offer Providers also known as Offer Walls is a feature in which is used in some games to earn virtual currency which can be handy when you don't have any money to spend on virtual currency. Although some do pay their users, some of them do not pay their users at all.[1]

Why They Suck

  1. Sometimes the game required to play will not pay you your virtual currency that you are supposed to get, meaning you have to open up a support ticket and send screenshot proof just to get your currency on your account. You have to wait until 1-10 days for the currency to arrive, if they don't end up paying you at that time you have to send a reply to the support ticket.
    • Sometimes the offer provider will decline your ticket, and never pay you at all. Meaning you wasted your time playing the game for nothing.
  2. Some offer providers have mediocre games such as.
  3. The surveys the offer providers give you, often kick the user from the survey and will decline the offer to you. Even if you put your real personal information on it.
  4. Some of the offers require you to install applications on your computer, in which some of them can contain malware.
  5. The reward amount of a certain app, varies on different offer providers. In which you get less currency on 1 offer provider, and more currency on the other offer provider.
  6. Some of the offers are impossible to do, unless you pay money. Meaning you are spending money on a game, just to get free currency on a another game.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. These offer providers are a good way to get free currency, if you don't wanna spend real money on the game.