Nyko Worm Cam

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Nyko Worm Cam
What a way to make a crappy camera for your Game Boy Advance.
Developer: Nyko
Release Date: 2002

The Worm Cam was a digital camera accessory for the Game Boy Advance made by Nyko, released in 2002. A similar digital camera accessory, the Digi-Cam SP, was released for the Game Boy Advance SP in 2004.

Why They Suck

  1. It rips off the Game Boy Camera.
  2. The Game Boy Camera, despite only having 4 shades of gray, had more features, such as minigames that used the camera, whereas the Worm Cam is just a camera.
  3. Neither the Worm Cam nor the Digi-Cam SP connect to the Game Boy Advance through the cartridge slot, instead using the Link Cable port and relying on multiboot mode to load the camera's software into the GBA's memory.
  4. Because of the multiboot mode workaround, the camera cannot produce a real-time preview image and any function (e.g., taking a picture, accessing the internal memory, etc.) is incredibly slow.
  5. The Worm Cam only works with the original model Game Boy Advance. Likewise, the Digi-Cam SP is only designed for the Game Boy Advance SP.
  6. The accessory can be difficult to install and remove.
  7. The software's user interface is not very intuitive.
  8. The camera can only save 20 images.
  9. The camera uses battery-backed SRAM to save images rather than flash memory, either embedded or removable. However, multiple flash memory card standards (e.g., Secure Digital, Memory Stick, CompactFlash, etc.) existed in the early 2000s and were relatively expensive for what is essentially a kid's toy.
  10. Picture quality is horrendous. The image resolution was 182x142 pixels, not even 90s webcam quality (320x240 pixels).
  11. Some units were outright defective.
  12. Both the Worm Cam and the Digi-Cam SP have flaws unique to either system.
    • The lens on the Worm Cam can rotate whereas the Digi-Cam SP's lens is fixed.
    • The Worm Cam lacks a view finder, either physical or on-screen, whereas the Digi-Cam SP has a pop-out view finder.
  13. For the price of the Game Boy Advance and the Worm Cam, a standalone entry-level digital camera was a better value, even in the early 2000s.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. It does have a way to upload images to your PC, unlike the Game Boy Camera. However, with the terrible picture quality and low image resolution, it wasn't worth it.





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The real formula to make this garbage is to smash a worm using a book, put the worm's carcass into grey paint and put a crappy webcame on the corpse and you have... THE NYKO WORM CAM! (AVGN reference)

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