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The most obscure "game console" ever.
Developer: VM Labs
Release Date: Early 2000
Competitors: PlayStation 2
Generation: Sixth generation

The Nuon was a "game console" released in 2000 but announced in 1997 as the Project X. It was developed by VM Labs before they went bankrupt in 2001.

Why It Flopped

  1. The Nuon isn't actually a game console, but a chip added to several DVD players to enhance the features and play video games.
  2. It was manufactured by Toshiba, Motorola, and Samsung, giving it little brand recognition.
  3. Its price point was $400.
  4. Only eight games were released for Nuon. Many more were planned but the Nuon was canceled before they could be released.
  5. Due to different manufacturers, two of the games could only be played on different players: Ballistic could only be played on Samsung players and The Next Tetris was only available on Toshiba players.
  6. Because it was released in 2000, it went up against the PlayStation 2, which was only $299 and could already play DVDs. In addition, the PlayStation 2 already had 29 launch titles as well as backwards compatibility with original PlayStation games, effectively ending the Nuon.
  7. Along with the controller bundled with the Nuon, the Nuon had four different controllers with different button sets and layouts. Since some of the games required the thumb-stick and extra buttons on some of the other controllers (all of which the controller bundled with the Nuon did not have) meaning that in order to play all the games multiple controllers were needed.
  8. Only four DVDs were released with Nuon functionality, most of which were horrible. Except for the Planet of the Apes DVD, which was positively received by DVD reviewers.
  9. One of the games, which were in the Shin Chan series, was released on a Korean Nuon system that was region locked and cannot be played unless you have that Korean system. Nintendo 64 Cartridges from Japan can be converted to play on US systems.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. It has a updated version of Tempest 2000 called Tempest 3000 that is exclusive to this console.





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