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Not Treasure Hunter

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Not Treasure Hunter
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This game will sure make you Not Video Gamer
Genre(s): Action-Adventure
Platform(s): PlayStation
Release: December 20, 1996
Developer(s): Acti-Art Corporation
Publisher(s): Acti-Art Corporation

Not Treasure Hunter is an Action-Adventure video game developed by Acti-Art Corporation and was released in Japan on 1996 for the Playstation. The game takes place in 1920 which the British archaeologist James Arkwright who is summoned by his bosses to investigate a cave for treasure.

Why It Does Not Hunt Any Treasure

  1. Quantity Over Quality: The game sacrificed its quality as the developers focused on putting 57 endings rather than fixing and correcting the design and mechanics of the game which made the game very repetitive as there are too many choice options that'll cause the player to get a bad ending and are used more than the usual gameplay.
  2. The story is pretty bad as there are many plot holes and things that contradict the title of the game. If the title says "Not Treasure Hunter" then why is James an archaeologist and he tries to prove is not one though he clearly still is.
  3. The movement is very clunky in which if you run (pressing the D-Pad 2 times and then holding it), It'll give you a greater risk of falling into pits or getting caught in traps.
  4. The animations are very poorly done as character and enemy movement skips frames and looks like they're trying to march or waddle.
  5. Close ranged combat is very overpowered more so than long ranged in which enemies flinch if hit by punching/kicking or using a sword which makes no sense since guns and bows should be the ones with higher power than the former.
  6. The soundtrack while decent. Tends to be very short and being in a 4-5 second loop and there's not that much variety to them.
  7. The characters are very bland and uninteresting such as James who is an archeologist that is just trying to prove he's not one which feels pointless and makes no sense since if you want to prove you're not an archeologist then do not choose the job.
  8. Similar to Plumbers Don't Wear Ties, the title contradicts itself as mentioned in WIS#2 and WIS#7.
  9. Very long load and save times.
  10. The main gameplay rips-off many elements from Alone In The Dark's first 3 games such as the tank-controls with fixed camera, combat is very similar and same traps as well.
  11. The Game Over screen is way too silly rather than frightening as it shows the camera strangely panning-up then showing James' corpse with the words "DEAD" in red spinning above him as if he was dazed and unconscious instead of getting killed.
  12. The AI is very poor as enemies are very slow and are nearly easy to defeat and as well as evading them.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The graphics are decent even for it's time
  2. Good voice acting as James is voiced by Shuichi Ikeda who also voiced Char Aznable from the Gundam franchise.
  3. The soundtrack while mostly short can be catchy especially the main menu's theme.
  4. The game can be hilariously bad as the game has some comical things such as the Game Over screen, cheesy AI and writing.


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