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Nintendo Creator's Program

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Uploading videos of yourself playing video games you made is not "infringement".

In 2014, a large controversy had risen around Nintendo regarding their awful habit of taking down videos, even though most were let's plays and fan content and did not infringe. Sometime later, Nintendo had came up with a "solution" to help prevent the infringing of the Nintendo brand and help creators prevent their videos from being taken down. The Nintendo Creator's Program lasted from 2015 to 2018.

How It Worked

A creator would email Nintendo requesting partnership and receive a message that would be copypasted into the description of a video, allowing Nintendo to take 1/4 of a creator's ad revenue (creators take 60% while the rest goes to YouTube) and preventing them from receiving copyright takedowns or notices.

Why It Got No Sphagetti

  1. It just proves YouTube's copyright system is broken. Creators are protected under fair use and copyright law to upload content video game playthroughs or fan content through ad revenue, yet here is Nintendo coming up with a "solution".
  2. Many people accused Nintendo of not being able to handle criticism towards the program, as some people had their response videos taken down (though this is likely because they showed footage in their videos).
  3. It wasn't even that effective, as only a very small portion of let's players joined the program, most just dropped Nintendo entirely.
  4. YouTube themselves were aware of the program and did absolutely nothing.
  5. Many people seem to believe the Creator's Program is exactly what caused Nintendo to go on their copyright rampage.They shut down a popular Pokémon fan game tool.
  6. Like many other copyright holders on YouTube, Nintendo filing fraudulent claims against people who did not join the program is a crime.
  7. The Creator's Program dramatically ruined Nintendo's reputation, combined with several other DMCAs outside of YouTube caused it to go down further.
  8. Even Nintendo themselves came to dislike it, as they canceled it eventually.
  9. Even after the program ended and Nintendo said they were going to focus on proper infringement on YouTube, they lied. A famous example being when they blocked some of BrawlBRSTMS3 Nintendo extensions, leading to the channel removing all of their Nintendo soundtracks in order to avoid further potential consequences (And on August 13th, their channel was unfortunately terminated, although it is not known who got them terminated).

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Nintendo learned from their mistakes (sort of) as they allowed creators to monetize videos after it ended.


Unsurprisingly, responses and reactions towards the Creator's Program were unanimously negative. Countless rant videos popped up, a large portion of YouTube's userbase has stated that they will be boycotting Nintendo until the program ended, multiple let's players dropped their support for any of Nintendo's future titles, many people have expressed their disbelief that Nintendo will never be the same again.



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