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Ninja Hattori-Kun: Ninja wa Shugyou de gozaru no Maki

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Ninja Hattori-Kun: Ninja wa Shugyou de gozaru no Maki
Another game from Hudson Soft, another hard game and another migraine.
Protagonist(s): Kanzo Hattori
Genre(s): Action
Platform(s): Famicom
Release: March 5, 1986
Developer(s): Hudson Soft
Publisher(s): Hudson Soft
Country: Japan
Series: Ninja Hattori-kun

Ninja Hattori-Kun: Ninja wa Shugyou de gozaru no Maki is a Japan-exclusive Famicom game developed and released by Hudson Soft on March 5, 1986. It is based on Fujiko Fujio A's Japanese manga series of the same name, which later became an anime series and an Asian franchise.

Why It Makes Hattori Kanzo Scared Of Frogs

  1. Stiff controls, Kanzo cannot control his jump. It doesn't matter how many times you press the D-Pad to control him, which is weird.
    • He also runs way too fast, making platforming so much harder and frustrating.
  2. False Advertising: Shinzo Hattori and Shishimaru are on the box, but they are barely anywhere in the game. Most of the game focuses on Kanzo, rather than Shinzo and Shishimaru.
  3. Mediocore graphics, even for Famicom standards. Even Doraemon for the Famicom looked better than this. Both of these games were released in the exact same year, by the same company, in 1986, even if it came out much later in the year.
  4. The difficulty is a huge problem. Enemies come flying at you, there are no health pickups, and you have no continues. This means a Game Over will force the player to restart the game from the beginning.
    • Enemies dressed as American football players will instantly kill you, regardless of how many hit points you had remaining.
  5. There are no bosses. Kemuzou isn't even a boss at all, instead it's Gento that throws Chikuwa and Dumbbells.
    • Not to mention, you don't even need to collect them. All they do is improve your score, making them mostly worthless.
  6. Bad ending. It’s just the game congratulating you for beating it, and nothing else. It's like if the creators actually ran out of ideas for the ending, so they decided to just make the game congratulate you, and that's it.
    • Not to mention after that, it tells you to do another grade.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Decent soundtrack.
  2. Nice power-ups, each one you use can either make the level quicker to beat or make the level easier.


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