Ninja Dash

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Ninja Dash
"Never underestimate a hungry ninja..."
Protagonist: Tetsu
Genre: Endless runner
Hack'n'slash (Running)
Horizontal shooter (Flying)
Platforms: Android (Google Play Store)
iOS (App Store)
Release Date: 2017
Developer: Level App
Publisher: Genera Games
Made in: Spain

Ninja Dash - Ronin Jump is a game developed by Level App and published by Genera. It was released in 2017 for both Android and iOS.

It is yet another game about ninjas and Sino-Japanese mythology.


Someone stole the almighty Ninja Sushi. Without the Ninja Sushi, the Ninja Flow will become unstable.

The player objective is to investigate who stole it, with the main target being the Kasumi clan. The Kasumi clan will try to stop you and you must defeat them with your ninja skills. The player can be either Tetsu, Shiro, Senji, Kira, Bonzu, Hana or Akane.


This game is an automatic endless runner (no, it isn't a Temple Run clone), with hack'n'slash elements for the running stage and shoot'em up elements for the flying stage.

Running stage: Tap the right screen to attack. Tap the left screen to jump; tap twice to double jump. Swipe down to slide (dodge).

Flying stage: You'll transform into a sparrow and defeat the enemies in the middle. Stay in front of an enemy to shoot automatically. Swipe up or down to ascend or descend. Hold the screen to go further to the front.

There are 8 worlds with 7 missions and 1 boss each. 64 in total. The objectives varies between "Kill ?? enemies!", "Survive for ?? seconds!", "Destroy ?? vases!" and "Collect ?? birds!". All the 8 in each world has 3 minimissions that will give you a final rank for the stage, varying between S, A, B and C, depending of how many minimissions you have completed.

The enemies gets stronger as you progress. You need to have stronger equipments (weapons, armors and boots/feathers) to outsmart then and make the stage easier to pass.

While everything said above sounds simple, there is one complication that makes the game last longer than expected. Not only this, but the game has many flaws, therefore making it average and having a page here on CGW.

Bad Qualities

  1. You must level up your equipment to make the stages easier to pass. But there is a problem:
    • Every piece of equipment requires a bunch of Wax and Lithium to level up. Yes, you have collect dozens of both of those material cards, because they're wasted very fast.
    • And how to get those cards isn't easy. You'll have to either open crates and rely on luck to see if something useful appears or finish stages with the avaliable "possible rewards".
  2. If you finish a stage, 3 cards will be shown and you must select only one to receive as a reward. Do you want the other 2 prizes? Pay 40 gems or watch 2 unskippable ads, then!
  3. Once you finish a stage for the first time, you'll now be limited to only three additional attempts. If you want a new attempt, then you either have to wait 8 hours or watch an unskippable ad.
  4. If you die in a stage, you must either pay 10 gems or watch an unskippable ad to ressurect, but only with 20% of your total life. If you die again, you must pay 50 gems to ressurect, but with full life this time.
  5. If an enemy falls into an abyss (at the 2nd / 6th world), no "enemy killed" point is earned. You also cannot get the coins and gems it leaked.
  6. Basically forces you to watch unskippable ads for luck-based rewards, making you watch them again and again. And there is no way to remove them.
  7. Just like what to even expect, you start with only one playable character (Tetsu, in this case), and you must collect a significant amount of their cards and have enough coins to unlock them. But there are some issues:
    • No visible difference between any of the ninjas. No special moves, all of them plays the same. Making the grinding quite pointless.
    • All of the male ninjas have the same voice. Same for female and robot ninjas. The offender goes for the robots, which is just the male voice with a vocoder effect. The female voice is unique, however.
    • They are four-fingered! The developers no idea how Japanese people have a really bad superstition about this "four-fingered hand" thing!
  8. The age rating is "everyone / 3+ / general" (at least for most of the countries), but it contains some drops of blood.
  9. Uses the word "Pokémon" without the authorization (or the mentioning) of Nintendo, The Pokémon Company or Game Freak, it doesn't even use the "™" or the "®" sign. It can be found at the description of the Onyx material.
  10. While there are 8 worlds, only the first 4 worlds are original. The next 4 are shameless reskins and, for some reason, the bosses are easier to defeat for an S rank.
    • The 3rd and 7th worlds are based on the Middle-East, rather than Japan (even the bosses themselves aren't Japanese), which goes against the logic of the game's plot. And Japan does not have any desert.
  11. There is a glitch during the fight against the Dragon (2nd and 6th world's Boss). If you defeat, or take the coins/gems out of him, and directly go back to the menu, his death scream will hang through the whole game.
    • The only way to fix it is closing the application and starting it up again.
  12. Very few stages have the invincibility/growth soup.
  13. Receiving a notification (or some other interruption) does not automatically pause the game. Get ready for cheap failures or deaths.
  14. The game is actually short in length, but what's pointed in the BQ no. 2 makes the game last longer than expected. At least if you try to complete the stages in a traditional way.
  15. Only 9 soundtracks, and all of them are short, repetitive and focuses more on trumpets (sounds familiar?) than actual traditional Japanese instruments.

Good Qualities

  1. The gameplay itself, despite being simple, can be pretty fun.
  2. Pretty sexy promotional artworks and download page previews (even the icon is sexy). The in-game's graphics and illustration are also pretty good.
  3. A decent plot with many references to Japanese and Chinese mythology.
  4. Plenty of well done humor and irony; most of them are in the cutscenes and the descriptions of almost everything.
  5. What you should do at the stages for an S rank at least tries to make the game not very repetitive. Every mission tries to feel unique because of it.
  6. The types of enemies are solid.
  7. Despite being clichéd, there is a nice plot twist if you defeat the 4th world's boss.
  8. While the game isn't so popular, that's an advantage, because the Tournament Mode still does not have any cheaters or hackers. Staying in 1st place until the 84h timer runs out gives you the reward of 20000 coins, 100 gems, 2 character cards, 2 high quality material cards and 1 equipment! At least there is an opportunity!
  9. The way this game behaves can make a good TV show to compete with Pucca, Yin Yang Yo! or Shuriken School.




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This game right here makes Coin Master look like a fucking masterpiece.


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