Night of Bush Capturing

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Night of Bush Capturing is an FPS game developed by Torque Co. and published by the Global Islamic Media Front on September 26, 2006 for Microsoft Windows. The goal of the game is to kill American soldiers and eventually kill the 43rd U.S. President of the time, George W. Bush. It is also called Quest For Bush.

Why It Sucks

  1. Tons of game-breaking glitches. It can be unplayable at times, like the mouse sensitivity being too high or the game crashing for no reason.
  2. The AI for the American soldiers is very bad, as they often don't even bother to shoot you. If you change the difficulty setting to hard however, they become far too unforgiving.
  3. Terrible graphics and character models.
  4. Along with all the gameplay flaws listed above, the game is basically a big "Screw you!" to America and shame for non-extremist muslims as you play as a member of Al Qaeda and kill American soldiers, which is very offensive to Americans. Even American George W. Bush haters are offended by this game. It's made to promote Al Qaeda and extremism, which is just so wrong considering that Al Qaeda kills innocent civilians in real life.
  5. It can be completed in 15-20 minutes, which is probably how long they spent working on the game.
  6. Most assets are ripped off from another game called Quest For Saddam, such as the maps.
  7. Your melee weapon is just a shoe, not even a kick like in Duke Nukem. Despite this, the shoe is a one-hit kill.
  8. Awful death animations.
  9. Very weird physics. For instance, if you jump at the top of a ramp, you'll fly away.

Redeeming Quality

  1. The name is absolutely hilarious.