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Night Walk

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Night Walk
Night Walk.jpg
Genre(s): Action
Platform(s): Atari ST
Release: 1988
Developer(s): Steven Macilwee[1]
Publisher(s): Alternative Software
Country: United Kingdom

Night Walk was a 1988 budget game developed by Steven Macilwee and published by Alternative Software for the Atari ST and the Commodore Amiga. This game is notable for being one of Alternative Software's first games for the 16-bit home computers.


In a far away galaxy on the planet Libra in, a time known as 'The Age of the Everliving Ones', the eternal battle between the forces of good and evil rages, devastating the 'Land of the Young' - your home land.

Legend says that a warrior will come to unite all the tribes of the 'Land of the Young' into a mighty army but before that he must be tested by The Druids, to ensure he is fit for the task.

Why It Sucks

  1. The gameplay is pretty boring: all you do is shoot at enemies that come towards you until you reach the other side of the graveyard.
  2. The main character walks really slowly.
  3. You can fire only one arrow at a time and can't move until the arrow disappears.
  4. You can only jump when you're not walking, which is a bad way to jump, and you can only slightly steer yourself while jumping.
  5. There are situations where you must avoid the enemies and arrows fired from another direction, and it's impossible to do both, especially with the awkward jumping mechanics.
  6. Enemies can still kill you in the middle of their death animation.
  7. The graphics look pretty ugly, and have poor animation.
  8. In the Atari ST version, there's no music and awful sound effects.
  9. In the Amiga version, there are no sound effects, and the added music doesn't fit with the game.
  10. When you lose your last life, it abruptly cuts to the "Game Over" screen without a death animation playing.
  11. The plot on the back of the box makes no sense in the game's context and seems to be plagiarized from the 2000 AD comic book Sláine. The Druids aren't even mentioned in the game at any point.
  12. After playing the game long enough, when approaching the exit door, text will appear: "Congratulations on your escape, you are free to leave the cemetary with your life!" on the Atari ST version and "THE END" on the Amiga version, before abruptly cutting to the "Game Over" screen.



  1. Amiga conversion done by Paul Blazeby.


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