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The Mighty No. 9 of survival horror.
Genre: Survival Horror
Platforms: PC, PlayStation Vita
Release Date: March 29, 2016 (PC)

January 31, 2019 (Vita)

Developer: Nude Maker
Publisher: Playism Games
Franchise: NightCry

NightCry (previously known as Project Scissors) is a survival horror game and Clock Tower spiritual successor developed by Nude Maker for PC and Vita to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Clock Tower: The First Fear.


The game is set aboard a luxurious cruise liner called the Oceanus on August 18, 2016. This cruise begins from Venezia, Italy, making a stop at Southampton, England, then finally crossing the Atlantic en route for the Caribbean Islands near Florida.

A group of North American college students, including the two heroines Monica Flores and Rooney Simpson, had fieldwork training in the Aegean islands and are making their trip back on this cruise liner. However, a group of cultists, simply known as "the Faithful", snuck on board.

As the ship sails across the deep blue ocean, a week into the cruise, a series of gruesome and mysterious murders begins to take place by a monstrous female creature called Scissorwalker, including those of the ship's crew. Soon the ocean liner is crippled and adrift at sea, and has become an inescapable death trap for the passengers.

As Monica, Rooney, as well as their professor Leonard Cosgrove, the player is tasked with solving the murder mystery to ensure their own survival as well as the rest of the innocent passengers.

Why It Sucks

  1. Graphics that look straight like they came straight from a PS2 game.
  2. The game suffers from tons of bugs and crashes and poor optimization.
  3. The PC version was released in 2016 but the mobile port is in development hell at the time of this writing and the it took literally two years after the PC release for the Vita port to be released.
  4. Really bad point and click controls that are often unresponsive and janky.
  5. The story is really generic and cliched and suffers from various plotholes and unanswered questions.
  6. The game suffers from the same problem that Clock Tower II had where alot of the possible endings you can get are just glorified game overs.
  7. Rooney's schoolmates (With the exception of Monica) are very flat and 1 dimensional bullies who insult and berate Rooney for no reason despite her being clinically depressed and suicidal.
    • Rooney herself is also pretty bland, being a generic "final girl" character who is a bad version of Jennifer Simpson, the character she is a expy of.

Redeeming qualities

  1. Great character and monster designs.
  2. Good music.
  3. Cool looking level design and general atmosphere.


The game currently has mixed reviews on Steam.

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