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NewKidCo Logo.jpg
This production company is OBVIOUSLY not new.
Founded: 1998
Defunct: 2005
Headquarters: Burlington, Massachusetts, United States

NewKidCo International, Inc. was a video game company founded in 1997 in Burlington, Massachusetts, and got defunct in 2005. It was best known for making kids video games based on licensed properties.

Ubisoft published almost all of NewKidCo's titles in Europe since the company did not have an office there.

List of games they published

  1. Tiny Toon Adventures: The Great Beanstalk
  2. Sesame Street: Elmo's Letter Adventure
  3. Sesame Street: Elmo's Number Journey
  4. Sesame Street: Elmo's ABCs
  5. Sesame Street: Elmo's 123s
  6. Sesame Street: The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland
  7. Disney's Story Studio: Mulan
  8. Winnie the Pooh: Adventures in the 100 Acre Wood
  9. Tom and Jerry in Fists of Furry
  10. Tom and Jerry in House Trap
  11. Dragon Tales: Dragon Seek
  12. Disney's Doug: Doug's Big Game
  13. Dragon Tales: Dragon Wings
  14. Goofy's Fun House
  15. E.T.: Digital Companion
  16. E.T.: Escape from Planet Earth
  17. Dragon Adventures
  18. Sesame Street Sports
  19. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
  20. Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring
  21. E.T. and the Cosmic Garden
  22. Dora the Explorer: The Search for Pirate Pig's Treasure
  23. E.T.: Interplanetary Mission
  24. Tom and Jerry in Infurnal Escape
  25. Dr. Seuss: Green Eggs And Ham
  26. The Cat in the Hat

Why They And Their Games Sucked

  1. Poor quality graphics.
  2. The only game that was released for the sixth generation consoles was Tom & Jerry: War of the Whiskers.
    • Now, keep in mind that NewKidCo was originally going to release more games on sixth generation consoles such as E.T.: Search for Dragora and Little League Baseball 2002. But sadly, they ended up being cancelled for reasons unknown.
  3. They ruined the E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial and Tom and Jerry franchises, amongst others.
  4. Their games were mostly mediocre, or possibly bland at best, and abysmal at worst.
  5. This company has rushed some of their games to meet certain deadlines. Sound familiar?
    • Speaking of rushed development, they even rushed a few Dr. Seuss titles like The Cat In The Hat and Green Eggs & Ham.
  6. To make matters worse, they've licensed their games to companies such as Nintendo and Sony, onto their consoles/systems, and half of their games they've added to their systems turned out to be horrible.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. They published some good games, for example: Tigger's Honey Hunt, Tom and Jerry in Mouse Attacks, Tom and Jerry: Fists of Furry, Goofy's Fun House or Tom & Jerry: War of the Whiskers.




6 months ago
Score 1
This is ironic as I actually live in Massachusetts.


5 months ago
Score 2
Tom and Jerry: War of the Whiskers seems to be the best game they made, as kids game YouTube channels still make videos out of fights from the games, mostly including Monster Jerry


4 months ago
Score 2

"The only game that was released for the sixth generation consoles was Tom & Jerry: War of the Whiskers, and possibly the worst Tom & Jerry game ever to date."

Really? I always thought that game was good. Oh well. To each their own, I guess.


3 days ago
Score 0
Well, Tom & Jerry: War of the Whistkers is pretty good, that it earned a page on AGW.

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